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Our Users Can Save Up To $500 Per Year!*

Save Up To $500 Per Year!*

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Comparing Is Saving!

Let's use a simple math equation:
We all know that money equals power. That means power equals money. And what we are doing at Pretected right now is bringing the power into your hands.

Consumer ignorance leads to expensive policies and a waste of money. The less you know about your policy and additional availabilities, the more likely you are to overpay for outdated programs and irrelevant policies.

Research shows that by comparing auto insurance quotes online (and practically making the carriers compete for your business) you can save up to 50% on your costs and control your monthly payments. And it’s free! **

Nearly 1 million possible policies
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Compare “Apples To Apples”

Make sure to decide on the kind of coverage you want prior to selecting quotes in order to compare between policies of the exact same attributes and to better understand final rates.
This is the only way to find the best company and the best policy for you.

Regard the same level of liability, comprehensive, collision or any other type of coverage you are interested in. Whether you are in prime condition, at high risk after a DUI or in need of an SR-22, we cover the whole range so you can always find what you need. From gap insurance to full coverage we find the affordable price for all drivers.

Notice details as deductibles and length period that affect final costs. Don’t be distracted by any “special discounts” but rather compare final total rates & costs. Make sure your vehicle is in good hands even in a non-owner situation.

If You're Not Happy... Switch!

The most important thing to remember regarding car insurance is that you are not married to the insurer!

People change, circumstances change, policies change and especially rates and costs change. You can wake up one morning just to find that your wonderful low-cost policy has become an expensive outdated monster.
We all know that sometimes cheap is good.

With Pretected, you can always make sure that you are paying the right amount and are getting what you pay for. So start comparing quotes online today and most odds say that you will find a cheaper better fitting policy within minutes.

What Makes Pretected Different?

Most insurance comparison sites don't even take into consideration all of the valuable information you input online. All they end up doing is selling your contact details to the highest bidder regardless of the end result. We believe that is a complete waste of time and even more so a betrayal of confidence. If you have enough faith in Pretected to provide us with your personal information, the least we should do is guarantee a valid service, and we do so much more!

What Do We Do?

Our proprietary “smart matching” system collects thousands of data points from every connection made through our online platform and learns the compatibility level between every consumer and its possible future insurer.

Bearing in mind that each client is unique, our technology differentiates between over 50 data points creating a clear, singular client profile. The client profile data assets range between information donated by the user itself to information generated from public sources (statistical analytics).

We then match the consumer with the most compatible insurance options to make sure we maintain value and affordability.

Bottom Line:

If a policy is not good for the customer or he can't save money with it, we don't show it. Our software learns the significance of patterns and is able to foresee repetition and turn it into prediction. We get the right policy for each individual consumer. The high level of precision used to link each customer with its desired insurance policy serves the specific needs of both sides. In plain English… it's a WIN-WIN!
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