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Massachusetts Auto Insurance

If you don't know the auto insurance requirements and rates in Massachusetts, it's time you learned them. That way you can get good quality but cheap auto insurance in Massachusetts and obey the state's traffic laws, too. Here are the main details you need on Massachusetts driving laws and insurance statistics.

Car Insurance Requirements in Massachusetts

Massachusetts minimum auto insurance requirements are more specific than some other states where a lower level of insurance is needed. The mandatory insurance coverages for this state are:

  • $20,000 worth of bodily injury or death coverage per person
  • $40,000 worth of bodily injury or death coverage per accident
  • $5,000 worth of property damage coverage
  • $20,000 worth of bodily injury caused by an uninsured vehicle per person
  • $40,000 worth of bodily injury caused by an uninsured vehicle per accident
  • $8,000 worth of personal injury protection

These coverages are all designed to protect a Massachusetts driver and their passengers, as well as the people in the other vehicle, in the event of an accident. By following Massachusetts car insurance laws you can reduce your financial risk if you cause harm to another driver, a passenger, or property.

Is Massachusetts a No-Fault State?

Massachusetts, like many other states, is a fault state for auto insurance. That means the responsible party in an auto accident will be required to compensate the other party in that accident.


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Car Insurance Prices in Massachusetts

Car insurance prices in the state of Massachusetts range from $1,019 to $1,977 per year, on average. If you have a teenage driver in your home they will pay the most, and drivers over 75 will also have higher rates. Drivers between 35 and 75 will typically have the lowest rates, with the low point for coverage price being around 55 years of age.


<qa>1;Car Insurance for Young Drivers, New Drivers and Teen Drivers;It can be very difficult to get inexpensive car insurance for 16 - 18 year olds in Massachusetts. The state generally has high premiums, and teen drivers typically pay much more for insurance as well. A driver in this age group can expect more than $3,000 per year in premiums. Looking for discounts and comparing rates can help.</qa> 

<qa>2;Car Insurance for Students (18 - 24 year olds) in Massachusetts;Students who go off to college at 18 are still going to be paying high insurance rates, but once they reach 22 years old their rates will be considerably lower. Those rates will continue to drop as they approach 24 years old.</qa> 

<qa>3;Car Insurance for 24+ Year Olds in Massachusetts;At age 24, the insurance rates for car insurance level out to "typical adult" rates. The average rate in Massachusetts is around $1,500 per year.</qa> 

<qa>4;Car Insurance for 55 (and Over) in Massachusetts;Car insurance premiums are at their lowest at age 55, and then they will slowly begin to climb again as the driver moves toward their senior years. Typically, though, these rates will never again be as high as they were in the teenage years.</qa> 

<qa>5;Car Insurance for Veterans in Massachusetts;Veterans in Massachusetts can often qualify for car insurance discounts, but every company is different. Checking with their agent can help them find out what discounts they can receive.</qa> 


AgeMost Popular VehicleGenderMost Common City
18 - 24HondaMale - 58% | Female - 42%Boston
25 - 54ToyotaMale - 53% | Female - 47%Boston
55 - 64ToyotaMale - 45% | Female - 55%Boston
65 +ToyotaMale - 44% | Female - 56%Boston

* This information is based on users.

Auto Insurance for Good Drivers

Good drivers typically see lower insurance rates. That's because their driving record is clear and they don't have accidents or tickets on it. They're rewarded for their good driving habits but paying less in insurance premiums.

Auto Insurance for Bad Drivers

Bad drivers still need good insurance, and even if they have tickets or accidents on their record they want to get coverage that works for them. A lot of insurance companies will charge very high rates for bad drivers, but some companies are more lenient. Shopping around can help drivers make a decision.

Traffic Violations and Fines in Massachusetts

Speeding Ticket Cost in Massachusetts

Speeding ticket costs vary. They're handled by each county, so they aren't going to be the same all across the state. Still, drivers who are charged with speeding or reckless driving in Massachusetts can expect to pay hefty fines of several hundred dollars. They can also see at least two points on their driver's license and could end up with many more than that in certain circumstances.

Driving While High Laws in Massachusetts

It's not legal to drive under the influence in Massachusetts, and that includes driving under the influence of marijuana. Even for drivers who can legally use the drug in their own home, it's still not legal to drive while high.

Driving Without Car Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts drivers are required to have car insurance. If they are found driving without it they can face fines, license and registration suspensions, and more. If they've been found without insurance more than once, the penalties are going to be higher.

Texting and Driving in Massachusetts

Texting is a party of distracted driving, as is eating while driving and cell phone use while driving. Not all of those are illegal, but they can all be contributors to an accident. The safest choice is to avoid all distractions behind the wheel.


<twitter>Per Massachusetts law you don't want to cuss at the guy who just cut you off in traffic. It's illegal.</twitter>


Massachusetts Car Accidents

There were 124,170 total crashes in Massachusetts in 2014. Three hundred and fifty-four of those were fatalities, and more than 4,000 resulted in serious injuries. While the numbers are generally going down, there are still a high number of crashes in this state according to car accident statistics.

Reasons for Car Accidents in Massachusetts

The major causes of car accidents in the state are vehicles striking other vehicles or fixed objects such as walls and fences. Pedestrian strikes accounted for very few of the accidents, but did account for significant injuries per accident.

Car Accident Statistics by Vehicle Type in Massachusetts

The majority of Massachusetts car accidents occurred between passenger cars. Pickup trucks and SUVs were also involved in accidents but at lower numbers and with lower levels of injury. Motorcycles and vans accounted for fewer than 10 percent of all the accidents that took place.

Car Accidents in Massachusetts - More Facts

There were 85 speed-related fatalities in 2014 on Massachusetts roads and 143 fatalities from driving under the influence. Car accidents occurred primarily in urban areas, but also happened in more rural locations.

Bonus: Most Weird, Funny and Ridiculous Traffic Laws in Massachusetts

  • If you're driving with your pet rooster in the car that's fine, but if you stop for a doughnut don't take him into the bakery with you.
  • Don't ride around with a gorilla in the back seat of your car. It's a long story, and still technically not legal.


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