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Illinois Auto Insurance

When you know the auto insurance requirements and rates in Illinois you are armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your car's insurance company and premiums. To get quality but cheap auto insurance in Illinois, details are important. Here's what you should know in order to be informed about Illinois driving laws and auto insurance information.

Car Insurance Requirements in Illinois

Illinois minimum auto insurance requirements are very important, and they have to be met if you want to legally drive on the roads in that state. According to this law, Illinois drivers have to have:

  • $25,000 worth of bodily injury or death coverage per person
  • $50,000 worth of bodily injury or death coverage per accident
  • $20,000 worth of property damage coverage

Drivers also have to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist's coverage in the same amounts as their bodily injury coverage. They are not required by Illinois car insurance laws to have comprehensive or collision coverage, but a lot of people choose to have them in order to better protect themselves.

Is Illinois a No-Fault State?

Illinois is a fault state, but it's somewhat unique in that it operates under a tort system. It also has something called modified comparative negligence. That means the driver who was at fault in the accident must compensate the other driver, but only for the percentage they were deemed at fault. Both drivers could have done something wrong which contributed to the accident, and in that case they may both be liable to one another for specific percentages of the damage.


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Car Insurance Prices in Illinois

In Illinois the price for car insurance ranges from $694 to $1,608. Having only required coverage will be far less expensive than having full coverage insurance, but many drivers want the extra protection. The average car insurance premium in the state is $1,151. Teen drivers will pay considerably more than the average, and elderly drivers can also expect their premiums to be higher.


<qa>1;Car Insurance for Young Drivers, New Drivers and Teen Drivers;The idea of affordable car insurance for 16 - 18 year olds in Illinois may seem impossible, but there are some options to consider. Families can shop around with different carriers, and may be able to lower their premiums by switching companies.</qa>

<qa>2;Car Insurance for Students (18 - 24 year olds) in Illinois;Getting into college is an exciting time, and it also marks the start of lower insurance premiums. When a student is 18 they will still pay a lot of money for insurance, but by the time they are 22 to 24 years old they will see their rates come down closer to the Illinois average.</qa>

<qa>3;Car Insurance for 24+ Year Olds in Illinois;Twenty-four is the "magic" age for car insurance, as it's where adult rates typically come into play. That means rates will see a significant drop at that age, and those rates will remain lower and dropping until the age of 55.</qa>

<qa>4;Car Insurance for 55 (and Over) in Illinois;Car insurance premiums are lowest for a 55-year-old driver, and after that they will slowly begin to climb again. The difference will be small, though, until the driver reaches 75 or older. Even then, premiums won't reach what they were during the teenage years.</qa>

<qa>5;Car Insurance for Veterans in Illinois;Veterans throughout Illinois can qualify for special discounts on their car insurance, but the programs that an insurer offers can vary. Checking around is important in order to find the best deal.</qa> 


AgeMost Popular VehicleGenderMost Common City
18 - 24ChevroletMale - 55% | Female - 45%Chicago
25 - 54ChevroletMale - 49% | Female - 51%Chicago
55 - 64ChevroletMale - 43% | Female - 57%Chicago
65 +ChevroletMale - 43% | Female - 57%Chicago

* This information is based on users.

Auto Insurance for Good Drivers

If you're a good driver you probably pay less for your car insurance. That's because good drivers generally get rewarded with lower premiums. These drivers don't have tickets and are rarely in an accident, because they take care behind the wheel. Insurance companies recognize that.

Auto Insurance for Bad Drivers

Drivers with tickets, accidents, and DUIs on their record may not necessarily be that bad at driving, but their record shows their insurance company that they are more of a risk. Because of that, they will pay higher rates for their car insurance. Not every insurance company increases premiums at the same rate, so drivers with blemished records may want to shop around for a better rate.

Traffic Violations and Fines in Illinois

Speeding Ticket Cost in Illinois

The price for a speeding ticket is going to vary throughout the state, but it's a safe bet that it's going to cost a few hundred dollars no matter where in Illinois it comes from. It could also mean points on the driver's license, which is something drivers want to avoid. If the driver is convicted of reckless driving in Illinois, there will be higher fines and bigger penalties, too.

Driving While High Laws in Illinois

The Illinois DUI laws are strict, and they involve more than just alcohol. Driving under the influence of drugs is also illegal. It's important to avoid driving while high, in order to stay in compliance with the state's laws.

Driving Without Car Insurance in Illinois

If you drive without car insurance you could end up facing some serious fines and penalties. Drivers without insurance risk fines of $100, and they can also have their registration suspended. If they drive without insurance more than once, those repeat offenses can result in registration suspensions lasting four months at a time, along with additional fees.

Texting and Driving in Illinois

Distracted driving is usually associated with texting, but it can also mean other cell phone use while driving, eating while driving, and other types of activities behind the wheel. Not all of these are deemed illegal in Illinois, but that doesn't mean they don't cause problems with distracted driving and accidents.


<twitter>It's illegal to have fuzzy dice or anything else hanging from the rear view mirror, even if you're just driving through the state and don't live there.</twitter>


Illinois Car Accidents

Every day in 2011, there were 772 car wrecks in Illinois. That added up to a total of 281,788 crashes for the entire year. More than nine people were injured in these car wrecks every hour. More than 900 people died in car wrecks in Illinois that year, as well, which is more than two every day according to car accident statistics.

Reasons for Car Accidents in Illinois

Among the main reasons for car accidents throughout the state of Illinois were distracted driving and a lack of seat belts. Younger drivers and drivers under the influence also caused difficulties on the roads resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Car Accident Statistics by Vehicle Type in Illinois

The majority of car accidents in the state were between passenger cars. Trucks and SUVs were also involved, but in smaller numbers. Additionally, under 10 percent of the overall accidents involved motorcycles, mopeds, vans, and large trucks. Smaller cars also resulted in larger injuries, and in more people being hospitalized after an accident.

Car Accidents in Illinois - More Facts

Nearly 32 percent of all traffic crashes in Illinois are related to speeding drivers. Distracted driving is a big problem, too, with younger drivers using hand-held devices when they are not legally allowed to. The majority of the fatalities occurred in the urban, municipal areas.

Bonus: Most Weird, Funny and Ridiculous Traffic Laws in Illinois

  • If you're heading into the city you technically need to let the police know you're coming, but this probably isn't enforced.
  • Want to drive through Crete, Illinois. Sorry. It's against the rules and you'll need to go around.


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