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Long Story Short

We founded Pretected because we felt frustrated. We have just bought a brand new car for the first time in our lives thinking that the hard part was behind us. We were wrong. It took us long enough to save up money to buy the actual car but we spent every dollar we had on the vehicle without thinking about our next steps. Nobody taught us anything about how to choose the right car insurance and we felt pretty helpless with no money and no plan.

That was when the idea first came to us. When checking around we learned that we were not the only people feeling this way and that this is happening in other areas of life as well. No one actually had a clue about relevant insurance products and no one could direct us to a trusted “one stop shop” for all our needs.**


Finally - A Solution That Works

When working on the launch of Pretected we understood why. There are so many moving pieces and changing variables when it comes to different insurance products it can turn a person crazy. Even more so when you need to deal with different carriers for different verticals (Auto, Home, Life etc.).

It is now our life mission to create the most honest, comprehensive solution for people who find themselves in the exact situation we were in. Just looking for a decent, affordable insurance plan. Now we can offer you so much more.

Hope we helped. Let’s get you Pretected.

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Top insurance companies are available for you.
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Users are comparing insurance quotes with us every day.
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New quotes are uploaded every week by the top carriers.
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People already found their new favorite insurance.

How To Get Pretected?

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your car to create a unique consumer profile.
Get matched with tailor maid results and compare between best possible policies.
Make an educated choice as we make sure you save time and money!
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As long as we are here you will always have a place you can trust. With your best interest in mind, we present a solution where future technology meets your current insurance needs. Because you never know.
Pretected, CEO

Bottom Line:

If a policy is not good for the customer or he can't save money with it, we don't show it. Our software learns the significance of patterns and is able to foresee repetition and turn it into prediction. We get the right policy for each individual consumer. The high level of precision used to link each customer with its desired insurance policy serves the specific needs of both sides. In plain English… it's a WIN-WIN!

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