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What Is Bodily Injury in Car Insurance?

<lingo>Bodily injury insurance is one component of most types of car insurance policies. Bodily injury is a form of liability insurance, which means it provides financial protection for claims made against the policyholder if he or she causes an accident or damage to another person. It can help to pay for another person’s medical expenses and any lost income that is the direct result of the accident or incident. For the policyholder, bodily injury insurance also provides legal defense. That means if someone files a lawsuit against you over the incident, the policy may help provide an attorney to cover you.</lingo>

Bodily Injury Insurance Clearly and Briefly Explained

Bodily injury insurance is required for most drivers to carry in the United States – though state laws determine if and how much of this liability insurance you must have. It does not provide any financial protection to you, in terms of your own losses.


<twitter>For the policyholder, bodily injury insurance also provides legal defense.</twitter>



This type of liability insurance covers the losses you cause to other people. This includes their medical expenses, such as emergency room visits, hospital care, and long-term rehabilitation. It may also cover any medically necessary equipment, such as providing a wheelchair if someone needs one. If the individual is out of work due to those injuries or any other instance related to the accident, this insurance also helps cover this. It covers any loss of income they have as well as any loss of benefits they suffer.


The amount of bodily injury insurance needed varies from state-to-state. Most often, state law dictates a minimum level of requirement. However, this low-level of financial protection is rarely enough to provide enough protection for the individual driver. Increasing this amount tends to be necessary. Bodily injury insurance policy limits are important to understand. If you cause an accident to another person, the policy only covers up to this limit. Beyond this, you may be financially responsible for their losses. Your auto insurance provider can help you set the right amount of insurance coverage here. Most often, it is best to choose a policy that offers enough protection based on recent claims in your area.


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