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What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Car Insurance?

<lingo>Uninsured motorist coverage provides financial compensation to you in the event of an accident — even if the at-fault driver doesn't have liability coverage. This additional coverage level is highly recommended because not every driver has enough insurance to cover major accidents. (They may even be driving without any coverage at all.) The other driver may stop and exchange information with you, but if they don't have money to cover the accident, you'll still need to pay for any physical damage or bodily injury that occurred. Uninsured motorist coverage will pay for any related expenses up to your coverage limits. </lingo>

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Explained

As you might imagine, this coverage is highly recommended for those living in states with a high percentage of uninsured drivers. However, it may be helpful to you no matter where you live because many drivers don't have enough general liability coverage. Most states require drivers to buy insurance, but it's up to the individual state to determine what the coverage limits should be.


<twitter>From hit-and-runs to high-ticket accidents, uninsured motorist coverage can be a light in the dark for responsible drivers.</twitter>



So let's say you live in Florida, and someone hits your car. They cause $15,000 worth of damage to your car and leave you with medical bills totaling $11,000. If they only have the minimum amount of protection, then you have to pay as much as $6,000. This is because Florida drivers are only required to have $10,000 worth of property damage protection and $10,000 for bodily injury. You can sue the driver of course for the additional funds, but there's no guarantee you'll get it.


In other states, the minimum coverage limits may go as high as $50,000, so you may want to do some research before you make your final decision. From hit-and-runs to high-ticket accidents, uninsured motorist coverage can be a light in the dark for responsible drivers. And it's often more affordable than many drivers realize. It allows drivers to get the funds they need without having to endure a lengthy legal battle that may not end in their favor.


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