Autonomous Car Crash

Autonomous car crashes can happen. When they do, who is responsible for the damage? How do you insure your self driving car? An autonomous breakdown.

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Autonomous Car Crash

There’s something pretty neat about self driving cars since they can take you where you need to go without any need to focus on the wheel. However, there are limits here. As we’ve seen in news reports, an autonomous car crash is possible, and when it happens, it is not fully clear who may be responsible for it. If you are thinking about buying cars with self driving features, it is important for you to consider how to insure these vehicles and how to handle a crash if one does happen to you.

The Cars Drive Themselves – What This Technology Means to Your Driving

There are numerous vehicle makers providing self driving technology to consumers. Even large semis are becoming autonomous in some cases. What does it mean to you? Autonomous vehicles are designed to have technology that pilots the vehicle to and from various locations. They have complex sensors and tools on board to help them to avoid crashing into each other. Many times, these vehicles are designed to be energy efficient, too. The thought of being able to sit back, watch a movie, or chat with friends while the car does the work is very alluring. Yet, we are not there just yet.


An autonomous car crash can occur. When they do, there is still the need for the driver – who may not be actually piloting the vehicle – to respond. In short, while these vehicles are becoming more common, the technology has not been fully approved for use on roadways without having a physical human behind the wheel. Some companies are finding it very close to being the case, yet the person in the vehicle is still ultimately responsible for what happens. If you are in a car that drives itself, you are still responsible for paying attention and, in some cases, taking the wheel to avoid an accident.

Are You Taking a Self Driving Uber?

What if you decide to take a self driving Uber? Some of the ride share companies like Uber are investing heavily in this technology. For these organizations, this is the future of transportation. However, as noted, most state laws do not allow companies to operate fully autonomous vehicles without a human behind the wheel to react just yet. As a result, you are not likely to be in this position just yet. Laws in states will ultimately be expanded and changed to provide more clarification on this in the future. In some areas, you may expect Uber to be responsible for the actions of the vehicle. In other cases, the driver monitoring the system is responsible.

Insurance for Cars with Self Driving Features

Are you thinking about purchasing cars with self driving features? Many of the makers of these vehicles are pushing hard to get even entry level technology in place on them. And, people are interested. While self driving cars like this may not be outright available, they are becoming more accessible than ever. If you decide to buy one, be sure you insure for it.


Your car insurance for a self driving car isn’t likely to take away from your responsibility to manage the vehicle – your insurer expects you to remain in control. However, this type of car may be a bit more expensive to insure. As a result, you can expect your insurer to charge a bit more to you for this type of coverage.

Who Is Responsible When Autonomous Driving Cars Cause an Accident?

Ultimately, state laws will need to clarify this going forward. Autonomous driving cars can cause an accident for many reasons including software failures. However, even the best level of technology does not replace the human’s ability to react. If you are in a vehicle in which there is an accident, and you are the driver of that car, you could be held financially responsible for any losses you or another person incurs as a result.

Should You Consider Cars with Self Driving Features?

The good news is there are plenty of ways you can start to take advantage of these features. Cars with self driving features like this are likely to become more common. Most will give you the option – in nearly all situations – to pilot the car on your own or to allow the vehicle to handle some of the process. If you decide to buy one of these, be sure you talk to your auto insurance company about it. You always want to ensure the vehicle has proper insurance coverage to minimize any risks you could face.


An autonomous car crash isn’t something you want to see happen. Yet, it can happen to many people. The good news is that state laws are still being worked on to determine who may be responsible in this type of situation. Until that happens, expect the driver to be held responsible.