Autonomous Car Insurance

Autonomous vehicles are coming and auto insurance needs to keep up. How will we insure self-driving cars when cars drive themselves? Here's some insight.

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Autonomous Car Insurance

The autonomous vehicle is one that has embedded technology that allows it to pilot itself all of the time or some of the time. For many car owners, it is the way of the future. Imagine being able to catch up on email or just relax with friends as your car gets you to the destination you need to be at – and you never have to worry about red lights or traffic jams again. Autonomous car insurance is likely to be a big factor, but it is a fast-moving industry without a clear direction just yet. If you plan to buy self-driving cars, there are a few things you should know.

Auto Car Insurance for the Autonomous Vehicle

Car insurance for an autonomous vehicle is available. If you plan to buy this type of vehicle, you can work with your auto insurance company to get a new policy in place. This type of policy will need to specify that the car has self-driving features and you may need to clarify with your insurer any information about the use of your vehicle. In short, your insurer will want to know if you plan to use the self-driving components.


Insurance companies – like the rest of the industry – are still working out the processes of insuring these vehicles. One of the key reasons for this is simply the lack of laws on the books in most communities to govern this type of innovative technology. While autonomous car insurance is available to protect the value of your car, there typically isn’t a lot of insight into determining liability if one of these vehicles is involved in an accident. This is likely to change over time as new laws become available and cases help to define the rules.

Liability Insurance for Self-Driving Cars

The biggest concern with self-driving cars when it comes to insurance is this. Liability insurance provides financial coverage to the vehicle owner for any damages he or she causes to another person. Most states require drivers to maintain liability insurance. It does not cover you in terms of protecting your vehicle’s value, but it helps to cover damages caused when you create an accident.


In the case for self-driving car insurance, there are not enough cases to determine who maintains liability. Does the driver who is still required under law to remain behind the wheel have this type of liability? Perhaps the maker of the software or the car manufacturer is partially or even fully at fault because of a problem with the software. This determination is made on a case by case basis. As noted, this is still a brand new industry with so many unknowns just yet.

What Is the Future of Auto Insurance in an Autonomous World? Your Tesla Car Insurance

If you need Tesla car insurance or you need autonomous car insurance for any other vehicle, you will work closely with your insurer to create a customized policy. The key to remember here is that the world of insurance is changing.


These high-tech cars are not only able to monitor what is happening around them, but also within them. There’s more focus on speeding and controlling vehicles. That means if you were a reckless driver, your insurer may learn about it.


The future of auto insurance is still very open. You can expect to see things change over the coming years as more vehicles incorporate self-driving features. You are also likely to see more changes to insurance as laws are created to govern them.

When Cars Drive Themselves Auto Insurance Needs to Match Their Value

One key step to speak to your auto insurance company about is the value of your car. When cars drive themselves like this, their value increases significantly over those that lack this type of technology. When you need auto insurance for your autonomous vehicle, be sure to work with insurance companies to establish it based on the current value of your car. If the vehicle is lost in an accident, you want to be sure the insurance coverage is enough to replace it.

Will Car Insurance Risks Improve with Self-Driving Cars?

One of the changes that may take place as self-driving cars become more common is a potential lowered risk. If the car is driving the vehicle fully, that could mean there’s less speeding. It could also mean that the vehicle is less likely to be in an accident, miss a red light, or be involved in a reckless driving incident. It may mean fewer driving under the influence tickets, too.


While car insurance risks have not dropped just yet, it is the future. As you consider autonomous car insurance, consider how it may actually help to reduce some of the risks on the roadways. That may make it well worth investing in.