Baby Forgotten in Car

When a baby is forgotten in a car, you may be responsible for their injuries or death. Here's how to avoid leaving a baby in a car.

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Baby Forgotten in Car

Forgotten Baby Syndrome is a situation in which a person forgets a baby in a car. A baby forgotten in a car can be a life-threatening situation, one that often results in the child’ being at risk of overheating. How can you avoid this from happening or, perhaps in some cases, what type of help can you get if someone leaves your child in a car? Here’s more information about what can happen in this situation and how you can avoid your child being in this risky situation.

Baby In Car – When a Baby Is Forgotten in a Car

A baby in a car seat is unable to help itself. If a child falls asleep in the car seat, and a busy parent goes about his or her day, that child can be forgotten. While this type of situation may not be common, and it most certainly is not something people do on purpose, when it occurs a wide range of risk factors are present.

Imagine a situation like this. A parent goes about the start of the day as normal. The baby is dressed, fed, and put into the car as normal to head to daycare. The parent, perhaps who has not slept well due to the child waking up, is on the way to work. The parent puts the child in the car, gets in, and starts driving. Sleepy, tired, and overworked, the parent heads to work instead of the daycare. He or she goes in, works, and then remembers, hours later, that the child was in the car. At this point, the car may be too hot for the child.

Will Liability Insurance Cover a Baby Left in a Car Seat?

When a person leaves a child in a car, it is typically a parent. However, it can happen in other cases, too. For example, a daycare worker may be responsible for transporting kids to and from school. When that daycare provider forgets a child in the car, he or she is responsible for the loss of life or the child’s injuries. If this person is working for a daycare center, the company’s liability insurance may be responsible for the losses.

It is not typical for this to fall under a commercial auto insurance policy. However, the company’s business insurance may apply. The parents of the child may be able to file a claim, though it is more common for situations like this to result in a lawsuit.

How to Minimize Risks to Kids and Car Seats

In all situations, children are at risk when they are in car seats. Even if a child is left alone for a short period of time and is not exposed to heat, that child may be at risk of injury. Kids and car seats are a troublesome mix when an adult isn’t present to make sure the child is okay. For example, the child can move out of the car seat. He or she may be unable to move a blanket off of them, limiting their ability to breathe. In other cases, the child may eat something or choke because no one is watching.

To minimize these risks, never leave a child in a car seat without a parent or another responsible adult present. If the child is unable to protect himself or herself, be sure nothing small that the child can choke on is nearby.

Child Car Seat Damage in an Accident

It is also important to know that car seats should never be used again if they are involved in a car accident. For example, you may be in an accident in which your car collides with another vehicle. The damage is significant. You file a claim with your auto insurance company. Be sure to include the cost of replacing the car seat in that claim. Most of the time, this type of claim is acceptable if the incident has coverage under the policy.

Toddler Car Seat Risks – Watching Your Child

It is not just babies that are in these risky situations. Toddler car seat injuries and deaths are also possible. If your child is a bit older, he or she is learning how to move themselves and other things around them. Keeping a watchful eye on your child at all times when he or she is in a car seat is critical.

When it comes to a baby forgotten in a car seat, recognize that this type of risk is one you can prevent. Place a reminder in your phone to ensure the child is never forgotten. Place a purse or wallet in the backseat with a child, so you never forgot the child is present. It is also important to encourage your daycare center to alert you if the child is not there for their normal schedule.