Long Distance Driving with Toddlers

When you are driving a long distance with toddlers, it is all about keeping them busy. Here's what to bring on a road trip with kids.

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Long Distance Driving with Toddlers

The thought of long distance driving with toddlers could be enough to make you want to cancel your trip, with the threat of unhappy kids, bored children, and even a few adults who may need a break from the noise. You don’t have to worry about the entire process, with a few tips on how to keep kids busy in the car for your long trip, you may find that these types of car rides are not as bad as they seem. Here are the tips you need to not just enjoy seeing the world but also to find long car rides an acceptable way to travel.

Traveling with Toddlers – Never Do It Alone

The number one rule when long distance driving with toddlers is this one. Even if you have just one other adult with you, it can make the entire experience far more successful. Traveling with toddlers over a long distance requires at least one person to be able to attend to the child’s needs while the other person handles the road. There will be times when the child is uncomfortable or needs a drink. You do not want to have to pull over for that every time. If possible, have another adult sit in the back seat with the child, to ensure he or she is always within reach.

Travel Games for Toddlers Keep Them Totally Engrossed

Travel games for toddlers are an excellent way to keep them busy. However, these can be a bit more difficult than other games to create since the kids are younger. Still, toddlers can play simple games, such as “I Spy”. They can also learn to look out the window to spot something that is a specific color or shape. Turn them into learning games. There are many types of puzzles and board games out there, but they tend to be hard to manage in the car. Instead, try travel games for toddlers that are confined to easy-to-manage pieces.

Car Activities for Toddlers

When you and your child are in a car for a long period of time, you may feel a nap is in order. However, there will be times when you need to keep the child busy. Car activities for toddlers can be anything you can do at home sitting at a table. For example, this is a great time to color or to do a puzzle in a workbook. Even toddlers as young as two or three can be engrossed by these activities. For slightly older toddlers, try to play simple card games, such as Uno. They can also bring along with them some of their toys – again keep the number of small pieces to a minimum.

For Your Journey, Kids Need to Be Kept Fed

To keep your kids happy, you need to make sure they have plenty of snacks along the way. During this journey, kids are likely to want something to drink and to eat. Try to use prepackaged items. You can, for example, bag a bunch of grapes, crackers, or other treats they love into individual serving sizes. This makes cleanup easy to do. You also want to be sure to place a smaller cooler in the backseat. This means that you can easily reach the treats and hand them to your child. Be sure everything is in easy to open containers.

What to Bring on a Road Trip for Everyone Else

When you bring along a group of people with you – or even just one other person – be sure they have things to do as well. For example, you may want to bring along a tablet that both the child and the adult can play at the same time. You may want to consider adult coloring books to go along with the child’s. Doing this helps to keep the child engrossed in the activity while keeping the adult riding with you happy along the way as well.

Take Breaks During Your Road Trip with Toddlers

When it comes down to it, your road trip with toddlers is likely to take a bit longer than it would if it was just adults. However, taking a few breaks now and then can be an outstanding way to keep everyone in a good mood. Plan out a few stops along the way, perhaps one every 30 to 45 minutes. Choose a local park, a rest stop, or even a restaurant for a quick meal. Just the act of getting out of the car can help to keep tantrums at bay for everyone involved.

Long distance driving with toddlers can seem like a chore. It is hard work. However, it does not have to be a bad experience if you plan for it in advance with a few helpful tips and a lot of fun things to do.