Parking Ticket Appeal Excuses

What excuses can you use to get out of paying a parking ticket? If you don't pay it, could it hurt your driver's license or car insurance coverage?

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Parking Ticket Appeal Excuses

Everyone does it at some point. You just need to run in and drop something off, so you leave your car in the wrong spot. Just in that moment a parking attendant pulls up and issues you a ticket. Parking ticket appeal excuses may be just what you need to get out of paying this ticket in a court, but even more important is knowing what the effect of that ticket will be. Here’s what you need to know about parking ticket excuses, appeals, and what your car insurance company is going to say about the whole thing.

Fighting a Parking Ticket? Consider These Excuses

Fighting a parking ticket is an option. In most areas, the ticket itself will provide you with specific instructions on what to do to pay the ticket, contest it, or otherwise plead your case. If you have a parking ticket you think is unfair, you are able to appeal it. However, you will need to provide the authorities with a good reason why the parking attendant was wrong, and you should not have to pay for the ticket.


There are many types of parking ticket excuses that could apply. For example, you may be parked correctly. Take a few photos to demonstrate that you were not in violation of the parking restriction. You may be able to appeal the decision if the parking signs were unclear or the area was unmarked. Use pictures here, too, to help prove your case. You may be able to state that your car was not working and broke down in the location. You may also be able to prove that you were not driving the car when the parking ticket occurred. There are many excuses that may apply. Be creative, but have some proof to back up those claims.

If You Pay a Parking Ticket, Will It Impact Your Car Insurance Costs?

One of the most important things people worry about when it comes to parking tickets is their auto insurance. Parking tickets are not moving violations. For that reason, most insurance companies will not know if you get one. They do not add points to your driving record or license, which means you may not need to worry about your auto insurance ever learning of it. And, since it isn’t a moving violation or causing an accident, the agent may not care either.

You Lost a Parking Ticket – Will You Get in Trouble for Failing to Pay for It?

In some situations, people do not pay their parking tickets. Perhaps you lost a parking ticket and cannot find it to pay for it. You may just forget about it and fail to mail in a payment. In these situations, whether it is intentional or not, you are still likely to need to make payment. If you fail to do so, chances are good you will pay an increased fine. It is possible to have your driver’s license suspended as a result of nonpayment. It’s important to recognize this risk if you rely on your ability to drive to get you to and from work or school.

Should You Contest a Parking Ticket or Just Pay for It?

The decision to contest a parking ticket or not is up to you. If you feel you did not violate the law and you can prove that, then contesting it is well worth doing. Some people may find that contesting the parking ticket is too expensive or time-consuming. It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the rules in the area to know if you have any claim for contesting it.


In either situation, make a decision and go with it. You don’t want to not pay for a parking ticket and find out a few weeks later that your car is being towed. If you are willing to contest the ticket and believe you have proof of it, realize you may be able to get a lesser charge. If the judge will not eliminate it, they could reduce the charges for you instead.

Pay My Parking Ticket – How to Prevent Tickets

Is it possible to prevent parking tickets? If you just had to pay a parking ticket and you don’t want to have to deal with this again, being a responsible driver can help you. Always learn the local community rules about the restrictions on parking. Look for signs every time you get out of your car to make sure you are parking where you are allowed to do so. You also want to consider any restrictions based on disabilities.


A parking ticket may not seem like a big deal. However, if you have several of them, you may not be able to renew your driver’s license or obtain new tags for your car. For that reason, it is best to make sure you pay your tickets on time.