Things to Keep in Your Car

What you keep in your car matters. Do you have an emergency car kit or a tool kit?

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Things to Keep in Your Car

Are you wondering what type of things to keep in your car to keep you safe or perhaps to make your car look cool? There are many ways to personalize your car and to add something special to it, but there are also some important additions to add to your car to make sure you are safe if there is an accident or you get stuck. Here’s what you should keep in your car at all times (and some fun stuff to make it a bit more functional for you).

Things to Have in Your Car for an Accident

There are a few things to have in your car to help you should an accident occur. There is no way to tell what could happen if an accident happens. For that reason, you want to be prepared for everything. Imagine that you cannot communicate with emergency personnel when they arrive to help you. What should be in your car?


Be sure to have your name and address in your vehicle. Be sure there is information about who to call in case of an emergency. Your auto insurance information is also important to have on hand since this can help to provide others with your information should there be a need to. If an accident does occur, you may need to exchange your car insurance information with the other driver.

Things to Buy for Your Car Interior

For those who are looking for a way to add some function and flare to the interior of the car, there are plenty of things to buy for your car to do this. While you can add all types of fun car seat covers and even a few things to hang from the rear-view mirror, be practical, too. For example, add in a way to store trash. You may also want to make sure you have a pen and paper in your glove box (this is also a great place to start a backup flashlight and your car’s owner’s manual.)


You may want to buy things for your car to change up the windows or to add fun lights to the vehicle. Before you do this, there are a few things to remember. You should only buy items that are allowed to be on your windows and mirrors if your state’s laws allow it. Never make it too hard to see what’s around you. Not all states allow people to add extra lights or fun colored lights to the car.

Cool Things to Buy for Your Car’s Exterior

There are various ways to change up the exterior of your car to make it more personalized. You may want to add things like a spoiler or some additional lights under the vehicle. Again, you can do this as long as they do not interfere with your ability to see and are legal in the state. You can add fun magnets to the car or add a unique color pattern to the car.

How to Buy a Car Emergency Kit

One of the most important things to keep in your car is this. A car emergency kit provides you with the tools you need should an incident occur when you need help. It should include roadside flares, which allow you to warn others that your car is present. It should include emergency medical supplies in case you suffer an injury. You may also want to keep a kit that offers a thermal blanket, a supply of water, and sanitizer. There are a variety of emergency kits like this readily available for sale. Or, you can determine what is most important to have and make your own. Store this in a water-tight bag in the trunk of your car.

Do You Need a Car Tool Kit?

A car tool kit is another important consideration for your vehicle. This type of tool kit should include a few items that can help you to work on your car should you need to do so. It might include, for example, a screwdriver, a flashlight, and batteries for it. It should include jumper cables if your vehicle does not already have them in place. You should also have everything you need to change out a flat tire in the trunk of your car. The car tool kit is also something you can buy that is already sold put together. However, you may not need to spend much for this kit if you have these supplies at home.


When it comes to choosing things to keep in your car, also consider things like a gallon of water, a warm blanket, and a dry change of clothing. By taking steps like this, you can protect yourself from any of the what if type of situations that can occur to you while you are on the road.