Why Do We Love to Drive Fast?

Why do we love to drive fast so often? Learn more about fast driving, avoiding car racing, and how your car insurance is impacted.

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Why Do We Love to Drive Fast?

Why is it that we love to drive fast? For some people, it is simply the thrill of being able to get their vehicle going fast, even topping some roller coaster speeds. It’s okay to feel like this from time to time, but when it comes down to it, speeding is a high-risk situation and one you can’t do unless you have the right atmosphere to do so. If you are one of the many people who has received a speeding ticket because you were going to fast and maybe didn’t even know about it, there is some help available to you.

Fast Driving Even Though Driving Lessons Says No

Fast driving is a situation in which we know there is risk involved, and we still have to do it anyway. If you love driving fast, you may find yourself a bit frustrated. Some people don’t mean to speed. Rather, it just seems to happen. You may not be paying close enough attention to the speedometer. You may have your mind in another place until you look down and see you are going 20 miles an hour over the limit. Fast driving can be deliberate, too. You know all of the driving lessons told you to drive at or under the speed limit. What if you just can’t seem to do so?

Fast Car Driving Is All About the Adrenaline

Why do we speed? Fast car driving happens for many reasons. In some situations, it happens because we don’t pay attention. Today’s vehicles can get up to speed (and well over the speed limit) within just a few seconds and generally without a lot of pressure on the gas pedal. In this way, speeding is just easy to do.

The other component of fast car driving is the thrill it brings. In situations where you know you are going above the speed limit – and you do so anyway – it may be because of the rush it brings to do. When people engage in high risk behaviors, the body releases a hormone called adrenaline. It creates a sense of euphoria, and that can make it very hard to say no to. For many people, it is this feeling of taking the risk that is why they tend to drive fast.  

Keep It Legal with No Car Driving Race

When it comes to driving fast, there are some situations in which the risks are just too high. Drag racing or any type of car driving race in which you are operating on public streets can be too risky. Not only does a situation like this put you at risk, but it also puts others on the road with you at risk. It’s best to simply pull back and not take the challenge if someone is encouraging you. After all, you do not want to be responsible for an accident.

If you love to drive fast and simply cannot get enough of it, consider looking for racing clubs. In some cities, these are race tracks that allow people with the appropriate experience (and an advanced driving course) to get in some speed behind the wheel. This can be a great way to burn off some frustration and to get the vehicle going fast and still be within the letter of the law.

Safe Driving Tips for Those Who Drive Too Fast

It’s important to remember that safe driving is always important. If you drive too fast, you may lose control over the vehicle. You have far less time to react to changing road conditions or someone who enters the road unexpectedly. Safe driving tips, then, are important to follow if you are going faster.

For example, be sure to drive only at the speed limit. On highways, drive in the far left lane. The far right lane is considered the ideal place for slower drivers. You may also want to ensure the road is dry and that there are not many people around you.

Speeding Tickets and Other Impacts to Your License

To be frank, speeding tickets are never a good thing. They are expensive, of course, but they are also damaging to your driving record. Speeding tickets are a form of reckless driving. When your auto insurance provider learns of your violations, it can increase the cost of your coverage. You do not want that to happen. If your car insurance company labels you a high-risk driver because of numerous moving violations, your costs for coverage can skyrocket. They may even drop coverage from you.

Why do we love to drive fast? It can be hard to answer that question. Yet, making the right decision here is important for safety reasons. You don’t want to lose your license because of your love for speeding either. Find the right venue to engage in fast driving instead.