Can You Get Life Insurance After Age 80?

Senior life insurance coverage is available and for many people, it may be an ideal investment even at this age. Learn more about getting life insurance over 80.

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Can You Get Life Insurance After Age 80?

People are living longer than ever, and it is not uncommon for men and women to be healthy and vibrant at the age of 80, so does that mean that getting life insurance after 80 is possible? In some situations, it is possible to get a life insurance policy after turning 80, but you are likely to find limited options and higher costs for it. Learn more about how to buy senior life insurance, when it is possible to do so, and why many people are still doing so even as they get older.

Where Can You Find Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80?

As you get older, you think more and more about the end of your life. With that often comes the thought of who will pay for your final resting place and your other end-of-life needs. With the average basic funeral costing about $6,500, it makes sense to consider life insurance after 80 or other senior life insurance policies. It is possible to buy life insurance coverage after the age of 80, though it can be more expensive to do so.


There are several types of senior life insurance options. For example, no medical life insurance is one of the most common, which does not require you to answer any medical questions. A simplified issue life insurance policy could be available to those who are as old as 90. Guaranteed issue life insurance also puts aside your health concerns. These policies do not necessarily offer a large amount of life insurance coverage, but they can still be beneficial.

Is Senior Life Insurance Worthwhile?

Some of the most important types of life insurance policies for seniors are those that help to pay for those final costs. These policies can cover your burial or cremation, funeral, as well as end of life medical bills you may have. They may also help to cover things like your long term care needs if you are in a hospital during those last few months or days. Keep in mind that these policies do cost a bit more, but for families who do not want to have to pay for these costs out-of-pocket, a senior life insurance policy is one way to reduce that risk and need.

Why Senior Life Insurance Policies Cost So Much?

It is not uncommon to find affordable life insurance policies even as you get older. Many companies offer low levels of coverage for those who are older, as noted, to cover these end-of-life needs. Yet, purchasing other policies, such as longer term life insurance policies, may mean paying more for it. To be clear, life insurance companies base their pricing on risk. A person who is at a higher risk is likely to pay more for coverage. And, as you are older, you are more likely to pass away during the first years of the policy than those who are younger than you. That raises your costs.

Securing Over 50s Life Insurance Coverage

If you plan to get life insurance coverage after 50, be sure to do so as soon as possible. This can be done rather easily if you are older, through a no medical question type of policy or a guaranteed issue policy. If you get older, be sure to choose a policy that reflects more of your needs, including the coverage amount you believe, is best for you and for your family. You may also want to choose a life insurance policy for seniors who have specific goals, such as leaving behind funds for family and friends.

What Is Funeral Cover for Over 80?

Funeral coverage is a type of life insurance policy designed for seniors. It helps to pay for your funeral costs and final expenses. Most of the time, these policies will pay out directly to the funeral home – though some variations can pay your named heir. They have a goal to help support just your end of life needs, though. This can make them a bit harder to manage for your loved ones later. However, funeral cover over 80 is one of the best ways to secure life insurance at this age.