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Health Insurance in Montana

Choosing health insurance in Montana can seem like an overwhelming process because there are so many health insurance plans available. And, for many people, cheap health insurance is a must. When you take the time to compare health insurance plans after getting several health insurance quotes, you can lessen the risk of buying the wrong policy. Here’s how to avoid this and how to get the coverage you need.

Health Insurance Companies in Montana

To get started, you need to create a list of health insurance companies in Montana that provide coverage in your area. Then, the top rated health insurance companies in Montana will be outlined for you based on costs, but also on the amount of coverage and the providers they give you access to. You also want to choose the best health insurance companies in Montana for your specific needs such as a high deductible or access to a HAS. Finally, be sure to only consider health insurance providers in Montana with a solid financial rating and a good reputation in the community.

How to Get the Best Rates for Health Insurance in Montana


Montana residents can get a list of companies to compare simply by adding their zip code on this page. It takes just a minute to learn more about your options.


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Cheap Health Insurance in Montana

Most people have one question. How much does health insurance cost in Montana? Yet, there’s more to it than just finding the most affordable health insurance in Montana. You also need to compare health insurance quotes in Montana based on the network of doctors, the medical facilities you can use, and the overall flexibility of coverage. Health insurance companies in Montana are able to provide for all of your needs, but it is up to you to compare those options carefully.

Average Health Insurance Cost in Montana

The good news is that the average cost of health insurance in Montana is below the national average. The average 21-year-old person is likely to pay about $2,520 per year or $210 each month for insurance.


<twitter>In Montana, the average 21-year-old person is likely to pay about $2,520 per year or $210 each month for insurance.</twitter>


Health Insurance for Low Income in Montana

When it comes to purchasing insurance, if the cost is too high, you may feel overwhelmed meeting the needs of your family. However, low income insurance may offer some help. In Montana, the primary tool for this is the Healthy Montana Kids Plan. It provides free or low cost coverage for kids up to the age of 19. You’ll need to meet financial eligibility guidelines to qualify. Another program, the Montana Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children can help to further boost this with access to nutrition education and health care.

Free Health Insurance in Montana

Some men and women qualify for Montana Medicaid. It helps to provide basic health coverage for people who have disabilities, are blind, are unable to work, and for children or families who meet income eligibility. Consider applying to find out if you qualify.

Health Insurance Plans in Montana

Health insurance policies in Montana are wide-ranging. You may wish to choose a health maintenance organization (HMO) or a preferred provider organization (PPO) depending on if you have a number of existing doctors or medical needs you do not want to change. Some people benefit from high deductible health plans that link directly to their Health Savings Accounts.  Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.


<qa>1;Individual Health Insurance in Montana;Let’s say you are a healthy individual without a lot of income and you don’t visit the doctor often. A catastrophic health plan may help – it has a high deductible but can be there to provide coverage for medical emergencies.</qa> 

<qa>2;Family Health Insurance in Montana;Most families will choose an HMO or a PPO as these types of health insurance provide extensive networks of care providers and a variety of options to meet the medical needs of both adults and children.</qa> 

<qa>3;Short Term Health Insurance in Montana;Don’t let your health insurance lapse. If it does, it can mean that your insurance tax penalty will be assessed. To avoid this when you have gaps of coverage periods, choose a temporary health insurance plan. Buy it just for the length of time you need.</qa> 

<qa>4;Child Health Insurance in Montana;Child health insurance is a must in Montana. Families can select a child-only policy if they would like to do so. This can reduce costs for the family while ensuring the child receives comprehensive care for their needs.</qa> 


Public Health Issues in Montana

Insurance companies use a lot of data to determine what the premium they charge should be. One reason rates differ between communities has to do with just how healthy those areas are. Key factors that play a role in this in Montana include:

Obesity in Montana

Montana is a fit state, which is why rates are lower here. Only 25.3 percent of the adult population is considered obese. That’s lower than the national average.

Diabetes in Montana

About 7.9 percent of people in the state had diabetes in 2017. This is also lower than what you may expect for a national average.

Childhood Obesity in Montana

Kids who are between the ages of 10 and 17 that are overweight or obese made up 23.2 percent of the population in 2016. That’s also lower than most states.


<twitter>In Montana, kids who are between the ages of 10 and 17 that are overweight or obese made up 23.2 percent of the population in 2016. </twitter>

Montana Mental Health Statistics

Mental health risks are a key factor in costs as well. And, in Montana, this is a big factor. In 2016, 54.7 of every 100,000 deaths were attributed to alcohol and drug abuse or suicide.

Montana STD Statistics

The state has seen an increase in the number of chlamydia cases over the last few years with 4,564 cases reported in 2017. HIV rates are moderate with about 700 people in the state known to have the condition.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best Health Insurance in Montana

As you consider all of these factors, be sure to take into account your own health as well as the types of doctors and medical care you need. When choosing health insurance policies in Montana, your goals should be to compare several providers using the Pretected tools. Then, you can clearly see who offers the best rates for the type of care you need.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Health Insurance In Montana</zipcode>