Breast Cancer: Prevention and Insurance Coverage

Breast cancer awareness is critical. Learn what you need to know about breast cancer prevention and treatment options. Learn about health insurance coverage for breast cancer diagnosis.

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Breast Cancer: Prevention and Insurance Coverage

The American Cancer Society states that women have a 12 percent chance of getting breast cancer at some point in their life. Every year, 268,600 new cases are detected, but the organization also notes just how important it is for early detection. If you have an increased risk of developing this condition, it is critical for you to use your health insurance to receive mammograms and ongoing screenings to ensure early detection. Consider the following information, which should not be considered medical advice.

What Causes Breast Cancer?

The causes of breast cancer are not fully understood. However, it occurs when cells in the breast tissue grow out of the normal pattern, forming a tumor. If the tumor is cancerous, it can then spread to other tissue in the area or metastasize into any other area of the body. Though it happens to women mostly, it can occur in men as well. It can occur in any area of the breast. It’s important to consider that breast cancer survival statistics increase when it is caught very early, such as when a small lump is formed.

Breast Cancer Risk Groups

Being at risk for breast cancer is possible. There is some evidence to indicate that breast cancer is related to genetics. If you have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, that may mean that you are at a higher risk for carrying this condition. Other genes can also impact your risks. Many women turn to genetic testing to learn more about these risks. Other risk factors include having dense breast tissue and having conditions such as duct ectasia, fat necrosis, or fibrosis.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

In most situations, a person does not feel any different if they have breast cancer early stages. However, they may feel a lump of harder tissue in the breast area that can indicate there is a tumor present. From here, doctors must biopsy the tissue, which includes taking a portion of it, and examine it. Other times, changes in the size, shape or the appearance of the breast, as well as peeling, scaling, or flaking of the skin can indicate a concern.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

There is no way to prevent all breast cancer from occurring. However, if you believe you are at risk, and you confirm this through genetic testing, you may be able to consider breast removal surgery as a way to reduce your risk of developing this form of cancer. This may be an option for women who have had a mother or aunt with the condition and for those who are at risk due to other forms of cancer they may have had in the past.

Health Insurance Coverage for Breast Cancer

In nearly every situation, your health insurance should be there to help you to get coverage for all types of breast cancer care. This generally starts with providing you with prevention and screenings. The sooner breast cancer is caught, the more likely it is for your doctors to be successful in treating it. In many situations, health insurance will cover screenings when they are recommended for high risk patients or those who have a history of complications. They are also recommended at the age of 40 for most women.


If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your health insurance is likely to work to help you in the treatment of it. This includes providing you with support for medications as well as chemotherapy. There may be some limitations to what insurance will cover, such as the types of chemotherapy or the types of more advanced or unproven care. In some situations, your policy may have limits based on specific care as well.


If you have breast cancer and are looking to purchase health insurance, be sure your policy has a low deductible as well as good coverage for long term medication and screenings. Be sure your preferred doctors and medical care centers are a part of your new policy.


In many situations, breast cancer prevention isn’t possible, but early detection and treatment can help you. Work with your health insurance provider to ensure you get all of the care you need on an ongoing basis through routine checkups.


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