Preventing Gestational Diabetes

If you're experiencing the signs of diabetes during pregnancy, it is important to work with your doctor to treat it. Your health insurance for diabetic conditions should help cover some or all of your costs.

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Preventing Gestational Diabetes

When a pregnant woman develops gestational diabetes, there are numerous health risks to her and to the child that requires ongoing medical care and support. Your doctor can provide that, and your health insurance policy should continue to cover your needs for medications, treatment, and more frequent doctor’s appointments. Learn more about gestational diabetes coverage here, but please note this information is for your information only and not to be considered medical advice.

What Cause Gestational Diabetes?

The cause of gestational diabetes generally can be hard to pinpoint. Doctors do not know why some women develop it and others do not, though genetics may play a role in it. However, it occurs when the body does not process sugars from foods in the proper way, putting your blood sugar levels at a dangerous level. One key reason this occurs is due to the placenta of the child. It produces a higher level of insulin-counteracting hormones, which can cause blood sugar to rise to levels that are not safe.

Gestational Diabetes Risk Groups

There are some people at a higher risk for gestational diabetes than others. Those who are over the age of 25 are more likely to develop it. Individuals who have a family member, or they themselves have had it previously, are also more likely to have it with each pregnancy. Those who are overweight and those who are eating an unhealthy diet may also be at risk. It is also more common in black and Hispanic women.

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association provides some information on symptoms of gestational diabetes. The most difficult aspect of this condition is that there are generally no signs of diabetes in most women. However, most doctors will routinely check for this condition at every doctor’s appointment during pregnancy through a simple blood test. Additionally, more extensive testing is conducted part way through the pregnancy to see if the woman is at risk. Pregnancy diabetes is evident if blood sugars are raised after this test.

Prevention of Gestational Diabetes

Preventing gestational diabetes can be hard to do if it is a genetic condition. However, it can be possible to keep blood sugar during pregnancy under control by altering your diet. Additionally, it also helps to be active since activity helps to burn off blood sugar in the body. It can also be helpful to be a healthy weight prior to pregnancy. Losing weight with gestational diabetes may not be recommended, though, due to the pregnancy.

Health Insurance Coverage for Gestational Diabetes

A diagnosis of gestational diabetes can seem like a horrible situation, but it can be managed safely with the help of your doctor in many cases. If you develop gestational diabetes during early pregnancy, your doctor will work with you to treat it, usually with medications and sometimes with bedrest. In later pregnancy, you may be admitted to the hospital for care to ensure your health, and that of the baby remains safe. Keep in mind that your health insurance is likely to cover many of these costs along the same way it covers your pregnancy – based on the amount and type of coverage you have.


Because gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs during pregnancy, most doctors check for it at every wellness checkup you have while you are pregnant. It will be important for you to work with your doctor to monitor your health and to alert your doctor to changes or signs of gestational diabetes. All of the necessary testing is conducted as a component of your pregnancy care and should be covered by your health insurance policy.


If a medical emergency occurs, you have the ability to seek out help through your health insurance policy as well. Prescription medications and other types of treatment may be covered, based on the type of policy you have.


When you learn of your gestational diabetes diagnosis, take action to work with your doctor to get a better level of control over it. In addition to this, you need to consider whether gestational diabetes health insurance coverage is enough. Consider adding more coverage if you need to do so.


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