Syphilis: Prevention & Insurance Coverage

Syphilis, a type of sexually transmitted disease, is covered by most health insurance policies. Learn more about what you can expect from your health insurer for syphilis care.

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Syphilis: Prevention & Insurance Coverage

Syphilis is a type of sexually transmitted condition. It can create very serious health risks for those who have it, especially if it is not treated properly and on a routine basis. The condition is one you may be able to prevent getting, but if you do get it, ongoing treatment is important for managing it and preserving your healthy lifespan. Learn more about syphilis and the health insurance coverage available to help you to meet the medical needs. Keep in mind that this guide provides you with general information and should not be considered medical advice. Here’s more about health insurance coverage for syphilis.

What Causes Syphilis?

Men and women who have syphilis can spread the condition by direct contact with a person that does not have it. This generally only is possible when a sore from the virus comes in contact with another person’s anus, mouth, or vagina, usually during sexual intercourse. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this condition is a high risk condition and one that can be easily transmitted from one person to the other.

Syphilis Risk Groups

This condition can spread to anyone and at any time. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease, which means if you engage in unprotected sex with a person that has the condition, you are at a higher risk for getting it. Though there are outward signs of the condition, it is not necessarily always easy to tell when a person has it. That means it is very important to know who you are engaging in intercourse with to reduce your chances of having this condition.

Symptoms of Syphilis

In many cases, people who have the condition may not know they do. That makes it even hard to avoid getting. The condition develops in stages. During each one, there are different types of symptoms likely. In primary forms, a sore appears on the skin. This happens about three weeks after exposure. In the secondary form, the condition will notice a rash the typically begins on the trunk and spread across the rest of the body. In latent syphilis, the condition can be hidden, which means you may not have any symptoms of it at all. Other forms may include other types of damage, including damage to the nerves and blood vessels.

Prevention of Syphilis

There is no cure for syphilis. That means that if you have it, you will need to continue to take medications long term. It is better, then, to work to prevent it. Avoid having unprotected sex with other people. You should also know your partners before you do engage in any type of sexual act, including oral sex. Doing this can significantly reduce your risks of contracting the condition.

Health Insurance Coverage for Syphilis

If you have a condition like syphilis, it is important to maintain health insurance on a long term basis. This condition does not have a cure, which means you are likely to need long term medical care and treatment for your illness. Your health insurance policy can help cover the costs related to this condition, including diagnosis, screenings, treatment, and long-term chronic care. This includes medication support through most health insurance policies.


Do you have syphilis? If so, be sure to let your health insurance carrier know that you have the condition. This is important, especially if you are looking to purchase a new health insurance policy. Your insurance company needs to know that you have this condition to ensure you purchase the right type of health insurance to cover your risks for it. Most of the time, it is a covered component of your insurance.


For those with it, it can help to choose a policy with more prescription drug coverage as well as a lower deductible. This way, you can count on having care for when you need it. Compare policy options to find the right coverage for your specific needs.


When it comes to prevention and treatment of syphilis, know that most types of health insurance will provide coverage to you for this condition. Speak to your agent about your coverage or look for a new policy today.


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