Is Homeowners Insurance Included in Your Mortgage?

Homeowners insurance is not automatically a part of your home loan. However, there are a few key things to know about when your homeowners insurance will be included in your mortgage payment and your obligations for maintaining this coverage.

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Is Homeowners Insurance Included in Your Mortgage?

When obtaining a mortgage, you may wonder if your homeowners insurance will be a part of what you pay each month, and there is some confusion about what you are expected to maintain in terms of coverage. You want to protect your investment in your home, and the right insurance coverage can do that, but you need to know the details first. Here is how your mortgage and home insurance sometimes come together.

House Insurance – Your Mortgage Requires It

House insurance is a way to protect your home’s value. Your lender will require you to maintain a comprehensive home insurance policy as a result of this. Here’s why it matters. Let’s say a fire occurs. The home suffers significant damage. It is a total loss and cannot be repaired. The home insurance on the home helps to cover the rebuilding of the home. Or, if that is not possible, it would cover at least the value of the existing mortgage. The lender, then, is not at risk of losing its investment into the home. That is why nearly all mortgage contracts build hoe insurance as a requirement for obtaining and maintaining the loan.


However, house insurance is still something you control. Your lender does not. As a result of this, you are able to count on your home insurance policy being there to fit your specific needs and risks. You can tailor it to meet your goals. Your insurance company will alert your mortgage holder if the policy is dropped, though. Your lender will require you to maintain comprehensive coverage for at least what is owed on the balance of the loan.


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Mortgage Loans Do Not Build Home Insurance Into the Policy

It is a common misconception that your mortgage payment each month will automatically be a part of your home loan payment. The two components are very different. In some situations, it is possible to have a mortgage payment set up to include a collection of funds for your lender to provide to your home insurance company. This money is paid into each month. When the policy is due, the lender then pays the insurance payment.


Here is how this may work. You need to insure your home. You set up your mortgage payment to include your home’s mortgage amount as well as a portion of your home insurance costs. For example, it may collect the equivalent of one months’ home insurance costs. The funds from this collection go into an escrow account. They remain there until the debt is owed. Then, the lender pays your insurance outright. The benefit of this is that you make monthly payments and the lender does not have to worry about payments not occurring.


Home Insurance Quotes Allow You to Choose the Best Policy for Your Needs

While your mortgage lender requires you to have home insurance in place, it is still up to you to choose a policy that fits your needs. You can choose any home insurance company you wish to work with for your coverage. In addition to this, you can choose the amount and type of insurance you have.


You may wish to add coverage for valuable items, for example. Your home insurance should cover both your home and any other structures on the property such as your garage or a shed. In addition, you may wish to choose home insurance that has a higher liability coverage on it if you have high-risk features to your home, such as a pool.

What Your Home Loan Monthly Payment May Include

Talk to your home loan lender about your mortgage payment. In most cases, your mortgage lender can collect a number of different house-related payments with your monthly mortgage payment. As noted, this can include your home insurance payment. It may also include your home’s property taxes owed to the county. Some policies include mortgage insurance, as well. Mortgage insurance is a payment you make if you have a higher risk loan, such as an FHA loan. It protects the lender, not you, in cases of default. You can set it up so that your lender collects all of these payments and makes them for you when they are due.

How to Estimate Home Insurance and Mortgage Payments – Can a Mortgage Calculator Help?

If you are thinking about buying a home, use a mortgage calculator to help you estimate what your mortgage payment will include each month. It will include information about mortgage rates, but you can also get an estimate of how much home insurance will also be based on the size of the home you buy. Invest a few minutes in learning what these options are before you buy your next home.


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