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Buying life insurance in Idaho is a big decision, but having a life insurance policy with enough coverage to take care of your family if you cannot be there to do so is well worth it. Finding cheap life insurance, like term life insurance, in Idaho is a possibility, but you don’t want to spend too much and not get the coverage you need. That is why it is so important for you to follow these tips and steps to compare life insurance plans in Idaho properly, to ensure you get the best possible product for your needs.

Idaho Life Insurance Quotes

When the time comes to buy coverage, Idaho life insurance quotes are the right step to take. Quotes give you insight into what you qualify for in terms of coverage and give you options. Yet, you need to realize that life insurance rates in Idaho are very specific to your health, your age, the type of lifestyle you live, and the type of policy you buy. You can get some basic information from a life insurance calculator, but the only way to get an accurate quote is to look at policies that fit your needs. When you use our smart wizard, you can learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Idaho quickly.

Life Insurance Companies in Idaho

In Idaho, there are about 20 life insurance providers available. Each life insurance company in Idaho provides a high level of flexibility in policies, but it is up to you to choose one that fits your needs. You could request quotes from each one of these providers, but it may take quite a while. The first policy quote may not be the least expensive, that’s why we recommend using our smart wizard to help you.


Life insurance companies base their decisions on how much to charge you based on risk. A high-risk policyholder is one that may have a shorter lifetime, meaning the company needs to pay out a sum of money during their policy. To avoid this, they charge high-risk individuals more. Here’s an example. In Idaho, the median age is 35.2. That’s significantly lower than the national average of 37.4. Because people are younger, they may qualify for lower costs on life insurance.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Idaho


Knowing there are so many factors life insurance companies in Idaho are looking for, you may be wondering how you can find the best rates. You can do this in several ways. You can research companies and get quotes from each one. You can use an agent, but that individual may not be willing to offer all of your options. Or you could enter your zip code and some basic information here, and we’ll provide you with a list of companies offering policies that match your individual needs. It’s faster and unbiased.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Idaho?

Life insurance companies base costs on risk. They use data from thousands of claims over the years to determine who is a high risk. The following factors are some that they use to make these decisions.


As is important, as we’ve noted. In Idaho, the largest group of people -accounting for 13 percent of the population, are those between the ages of 25 and 34. Buying insurance in this age range is going to cost less than waiting until you are 40 in Idaho.


With 50.12 percent of the Idaho population male, that can also play a role. Data indicates that men live riskier lives and shorter lives than women. For those men, then, the cost of life insurance is going to be higher.

Weight and Health Background

Health is a big factor to consider. A healthy person is less of a risk than someone who has had a diagnosis of health conditions previously. In 2017, 29.3 percent of the adult population in Idaho was considered obese, and 8.7 percent had been diagnosed with diabetes. These figures are about moderate for the country.

Job and Profession

Your job plays a role in what you pay for life insurance, too. In Idaho, the largest companies are in the area of food processing, machinery, mining, manufacturing, and chemicals – all high-risk positions.


In Idaho, many people live very safe and active lives, but some factors can contribute to higher life insurance costs. For example, 13.1 out of every 100,000 people in 2016 died from alcohol-related causes, and 15.4 out of every 100,000 died from drug-related causes. Motorcycle riding, skydiving, and other types of high-risk activities increase your costs, too.

Criminal Record

Any individual who has a criminal record may find that they’ll pay more for a policy than someone that does not. Some people with a history of violent criminal activities, may be denied access to some policies, too.

Life Insurance Policy in Idaho - Compare the Best Plans

In every case, life insurance policies are based on the type of coverage you choose. Compare these policies, some of the most common in Idaho, to determine your needs.

Term Life Insurance

Buying a term life insurance policy is excellent for those who want coverage for just a set number of years. It pays a lump sum if the policyholder dies during the term.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance also pays out a lump sum of money if the policyholder dies during the plan, but this policy remains in place long term, usually for your entire life.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a bit different. It costs a bit more and still has a lump sum payment. However, there is also an investment component, which means you can build up a cash value within the policy over your lifetime.

Family Life Insurance

Some people may want to purchase life insurance for more than one person in their family. Doing so may reduce the overall costs, but there may be some limits to this type of policy.

Group Life Insurance

It’s possible to buy into a group life insurance through an employer or another organization you belong to. If you do so, you may get a lower cost overall, but your options in terms of coverage may be limited.

Life Insurance for Kids

Buying life insurance for children is an opportunity to create a risk-aversion tool. If your child dies while the policy is in place, it can provide important access to the funds you need to meet their end of life needs.


With so many options, it is easy to become overwhelmed. works to minimize these risks through our smart matching system. Enter your zip code now, with some basic information, and we’ll navigate all the options and display the policies that fit your lifestyle.


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