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Life Insurance in Illinois

Your investment in life insurance in Illinois can give you peace of mind because you know that, with this life insurance policy, you can reduce some of the risks to your family if you should die. Cheap life insurance, such as term life insurance, in Illinois is available to you, but it is important to choose a policy that offers enough coverage for all of your family’s needs. To help you, we created a tool to allow you to compare life insurance plans in Illinois to find the best fitting policy at the right price.

Illinois Life Insurance Quotes

The entire process starts with getting Illinois life insurance quotes. This is important to do on your own, with accurate information, because life insurance rates in Illinois are very much dependent on your health, your age, and various other specifics. You can use a basic life insurance calculator for some insight, but the only way to get accurate options from all providers is to use our smart wizard. By putting in your zip code and basic information, we can provide you with more insight into how to get the best rates for life insurance in Illinois.

Life Insurance Companies in Illinois

There are over 450 life insurance companies serving residents in Illinois. That’s a significant number of quotes that you need to get in order to find the policy that is right for your needs. It’s impossible to do that, and life insurance companies in Illinois know you won’t do it. That’s why our smart tool does the work for you.


Keep in mind that risks are very dependent on your needs. Yet, insurance companies pull data from thousands of key points to determine what policies will cost you. That’s what makes getting life insurance a bit more of a challenge. For example, data shows that married people live longer, healthier lives. That’s why, in Illinois, where 49.8 percent of the population is married, rates may be a bit lower.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Illinois


So how do you get the best rates for life insurance in Illinois? You can do some research and then compare the best rates available to you online. However, that takes a lot of time when there are so many life insurance companies. You could use an agent, but he or she is likely to simply promote the brands offering the best incentives to the agent. Or, you can use our smart algorithm tool at to get an unbiased list of options that fit your specific needs.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Illinois?

Life insurance companies use your personal health and data to determine your premium costs, but they also can use data from the community to assess risk. The goal for providers is to understand how likely it is that you will die early on. Here are some factors they consider.


The older you get, the more expensive life insurance will become. For the 13.9 percent of the population in Illinois that is between the ages of 25 and 34, that’s good news. Buying a whole life insurance policy at this age can significantly reduce your costs. If you wait until you reach the next largest group of residents, those between 45 and 54, your costs are going to be significantly higher.


Being married helps, but so does being female. For the 50.89 percent of the population in Illinois that is female, that’s good news. Women tend to live longer lives, making them less likely to die during the policy’s term.

Weight and Health Background

Being as healthy as possible can keep your rate slow. This is an area where Illinois residents struggle. In 2017, for example, 31.1 percent of the population was considered obese. About 11 percent of the population was diagnosed with diabetes. These are above average for the U.S.

Job and Profession

Working in a dangerous industry can also increase your costs. In Illinois, where agriculture is the biggest industry that can be a factor. Other dangerous, big industries here include law enforcement and machinery use.


Living a healthy lifestyle, such as with good nutrition and exercise, can help lower your rates. Using drugs and alcohol, on the other hand, can increase them. Insurance companies know that, in 2016, 8.7 out of every 100,000 deaths and 19.2 out of every 100,000 deaths could be contributed to either alcohol or drug use.


Having a criminal background of any type will boost your costs in life insurance. You live a more dangerous life. This is very much true if you have a violent background.

Life Insurance Policy in Illinois - Compare the Best Plans

When you are ready to buy life insurance, you need to compare the best plans in Illinois available to you. Here are some of the most popular plans.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance, usually bought at intervals such as 10, 20, or 30 years, pays your beneficiary a set dollar amount if you die while the policy is in place. It’s the most affordable type of coverage.

Whole Life Insurance

With whole life, the lump sump payment still occurs if you die while the policy is in place. However, this policy can continue throughout your lifetime. It is also known as permanent life insurance.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life also offers that long-term coverage, but with each payment you make, you are also paying a bit towards a cash value. Over time, this can grow in value and begin to pay you dividends.

Family Life Insurance

A family life insurance policy is one that offers policies that cover more than one person, generally a married couple. Some policies incorporate stipulations about when they will pay out based on who dies first.

Group Life Insurance

Your employer may have told you that you can purchase a group life insurance plan through them. This can be a good option – no matter who offers it – but it may not offer enough life insurance for your whole family.

Life Insurance for Kids

For kids, life insurance policies are very inexpensive because the risks are low. However, these policies can be important should something happen to your child.


Taking all of this information and finding the best policy isn’t easy. makes it a bit easier. You input your zip code and some basic information. Then, our smart matching algorithm goes to work to pull up all the policy options in your area that fit your needs. Give it a try now to see how it works.


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