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Life Insurance in Iowa

Buying life insurance in Iowa is an excellent way to reduce the risks to your dependents, even if you buy just a cheap life insurance policy. Other forms of coverage, like universal life, can pay you back during your lifetime, or a life insurance policy like whole life can be an excellent tool for estate planning. When it comes to term life insurance, Iowa residents can also count on low prices. When you use the data here to compare life insurance plans in Iowa, you are sure to find the policies that fit your needs, protect your heirs, and stay within your budget.

Iowa Life Insurance Quotes

When it comes to Iowa life insurance quotes, having enough coverage is important, but quotes are very specific to each person. That is why it is so hard to know what life insurance rates in Iowa will be. It gets to be overwhelming when you are unsure how to get rates, but with our smart wizard, a type of advanced life insurance calculator and quote tool, you can reduce these frustrations significantly. You can learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Iowa, no matter what your goals are.

Life Insurance Companies in Iowa

Finding the best life insurance company in Iowa is a challenge. With over 200 companies to choose from, it’s not possible to get quotes from each one. However, you can gain some insight into what they can offer by using our tools. Why get quotes from many companies when you can use our tool to track down all the companies offering the best rates and coverage based on your needs?


Life insurance companies pull data from thousands of studies and research documents to determine how much to charge you. They know, for example, that married people live longer and less risky lives. In Iowa, where 54.5 percent of the population is married, that means your rates are going to be lower because the risk to the agent of you dying early is lower.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Iowa


The only way to get the best rate for life insurance in Iowa is to look at every company knowing what types of coverage options are right for you and to get a quote. You can do this, along with some research, to find the perfect provider. Or, you could work with a life insurance agent, who may offer some help but isn’t going to be able to give you all the options to consider. The better option is to enter your zip code and some basic information here. Our smart wizard takes this information, applies it to all the companies available, and provides you a list of those that fit your goals.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Iowa?

There’s no doubt that having the right life insurance policy is important, but why is your rate higher than someone else’s? Life insurance companies use data points from years of experience and research to determine who is at risk. They look at things like the following to learn how much of a risk you present. Here’s a closer look.


Being younger means, you are less likely to die early. That lowers your cost. However, in Iowa, the largest age group of residents is between the ages of 45 and 54, which means you are likely going to spend more. The median age here is 38, which is also slightly higher than the 37.4 national median age.


Women live longer lives, according to data. For the 50.35 percent of women living in the state of Iowa, then, that’s good news. It also means you will pay less for life insurance.

Weight and Health Background

One area that also impacts residents in Iowa is health. The healthier a person is, the less likely they are to die early. Yet, in Iowa, 36.4 percent of the adults in the state in 2017 were obese, and 9.6 percent of them had been diagnosed with diabetes. These are key risk factors for less-than-ideal health and will impact your cost if they apply to you.

Job and Profession

What you do for a living can also play a role. If you work in a high-risk job, that means you are at a higher risk of early death. In Iowa, some of the largest employers are in manufacturing, transportation, forestry, and agriculture, all high-risk professions.


Drug use and alcohol use in Iowa is also a bit above average. Lifestyle decisions that are risky, like the decision to use a substance like this, will also increase your costs. In Iowa, 10.8 deaths out of every 100,000 and 12.1 out of every 100,000 were related to drug or alcohol use, in 2016. That’s above the national average.

Criminal Record

Putting aside other factors, life insurance agents also always look at your criminal record. If you have one, especially one with a lot of incidents of violent crime, that is going to raise your costs significantly.

Life Insurance Policy in Iowa - Compare the Best Plans

The type of policy you buy is very important. In short, the shorter the term and the limited the options, the more affordable the coverage. Here are some popular Iowa policies.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance pays a set dollar amount to a person you choose if you die while the policy is in place. This is the least expensive option, especially for lower term limits.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life is more expensive, but it can be beneficial to those in Iowa who buy it early. Doing so and maintaining it over your life keeps your costs down and keeps your coverage in place without limits.

Universal Life Insurance

If you are younger and want to use life insurance as an investment strategy, you can do that with universal life. It covers your lifetime and offers an investment option by building up cash value.

Family Life Insurance

Family life insurance, which is simply the grouping of life insurance for a family unit into one policy, can save you money. Check out the options for you and your spouse specifically if you both need coverage.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is available through some professional associations, religious organizations, and employers. A group of people buys policies together, reducing the overall cost to everyone.

Life Insurance for Kids

Buying life insurance for your kids can be very important. It can help to reduce the financial loss you have should your child pass away at a young age. goes to work for you to take all the information in your health risks, your needs for coverage, and your location and then matches you up with the right policies from all the life insurance companies in the area. It is a fast and easy way to get started in finding a low-cost policy. To use our smart matching algorithm, enter your zip code here.


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