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Life Insurance in Maine

Buying life insurance in Maine can seem like an overwhelming process, but having a life insurance policy available to protect your loved ones is critical. Finding a cheap life insurance policy, or a competitively priced policy like term life insurance in Maine can provide you with the peace of mind you need to minimize financial risk if something happens to you. Yet, to get the best policy coverage at a competitive rate, you need to compare life insurance plans in Maine carefully to each other. Here’s some help doing just that.

Maine Life Insurance Quotes

When it comes to buying Maine life insurance quotes, you have plenty of policy options to choose from, but finding a basic rate is very hard to do. That’s because life insurance rates in Maine are very much dependent on your health, your lifestyle, and the policy you choose. Using a life insurance calculator is one way for you to get some insight into what your options are. However, to learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Maine, use our smart wizard. It gathers information about your needs and then provides you with access to all available policies to choose from.

Life Insurance Companies in Maine

In Maine, there are almost 50 life insurance companies available to you. Many times, you will not actually know all of these companies unless you use a tool like ours that accesses all of your options for you. That means unless you get quotes from each one, you could be missing out on the cost-savings you need.

Life insurance rates vary from one state to the next due to many factors. How much one company charges may be much different than another. More so, most life insurance companies don’t provide a lot of insight to you on what factors play a role in their costs. For example, the 52.1 percent of Maine residents that are married may qualify for a discount on life insurance through some insurers, but not others.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Maine


You want good coverage and the best life insurance rates in Maine. To achieve that, you may want to consider several ways to get all of the quotes available to you. You can contact all of the life insurance companies in the state to request quotes. That’s going to take some time, though. You can also use a life insurance agent. Some may not provide you with access to all insurance companies, though. With our smart algorithm, we can use your zip code and some basic information to provide you with access to all of the policies that fit your needs. We don’t incorporate any bias into these options, either.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Maine?

The big question many people have is about how life insurance rates are actually calculated. In Maine, companies use the following details to help make these decisions.


In Maine, the largest population group, which accounts for 14.7 percent, is between the ages of 45 and 54. Buying life insurance at that time can be expensive, though. On the other hand, the second largest group, those between the ages of 25 and 34, may be able to save significantly by purchasing life insurance at this time.


When it comes to gender, women typically pay less for life insurance. That’s because they live longer lives in many cases. In Maine, 51.06 percent of the population is female – which means many people could qualify for a discount here.

Weight and Health Background

Your health matters most to life insurance companies. That’s why they require medical testing. They also use area data. For example, in 2017, 29.1 percent of the population of Maine was considered obese, while 10.7 percent had diabetes. These types of illnesses can increase costs.

Job and Profession

In a state where some of the largest industries are agricultural, ocean-based industries, and transportation, having a risky job is not uncommon. Yet, if your profession is a high risk position, chances are good, it will cost you more to buy life insurance.


The type of lifestyle you live can also play a role. In Maine, some people may like to spend time using recreational vehicles. Others enjoy smoking. The use of alcohol and drugs can also play a role in a risky lifestyle, which increases your costs. In 2016, for example, out of every 100,000 deaths, 14.4 were related to alcohol, and 27.7 were related to drug use. That’s a bit higher than the national average.

Criminal Record

Anyone with a criminal record is going to pay more for life insurance. The good news is you can still obtain life insurance as long as you are not convicted of violent crimes or felonies, in most cases.

Life Insurance Policy in Maine - Compare the Best Plans

Choosing the right type of life insurance is very important, but not always easy to do. Here are some of the most popular policies in Maine.

Term Life Insurance

If you want low-cost insurance that is in place while you have dependents, term life insurance is the route to take.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life offers a payout at the time of death, but the policy doesn’t expire like term life insurance does. Buying this policy while you are young is going to save you money.

Universal Life Insurance

Some policies, like universal life, can also offer a cash value. A portion of your investment each month goes into an account that builds value over time. You may be able to access it during your lifetime.

Family Life Insurance

Some people need to buy more than one life insurance policy, such as spouses. A family life insurance plan can work well for this. It helps you save money on your coverage.

Group Life Insurance

Buying a group life insurance policy can help you save money, too. Many employers offer these policies. You may also qualify for them through your professional associations.

Life Insurance for Kids

Buying life insurance for children is an option for many people. You can purchase policies inexpensively to cover tragedies if they happen.


At, we make it easy to compare your options. You provide your zip code and some basic information. We produce a long list of available policies that fit your needs, including the lowest prices available.


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