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Life Insurance in Michigan

As you take into consideration all of your options for life insurance in Michigan you may feel worried – how can you find cheap life insurance that also meets your family’s big needs? You need to learn how to compare life insurance plans in Michigan across all the options available to you. With whole and term life insurance in Michigan available, it is possible to find a competitive rate for the quality coverage you need. Here’s how to do that.

Michigan Life Insurance Quotes

It all starts with getting quotes. Keep in mind that life insurance rates in Michigan are very specific to you, which means it is not possible to find an average cost for life insurance in the state. Michigan life insurance quotes can be very competitive, though, with some being quite affordable. You can get some basic information from a life insurance calculator, but when you use our smart wizard that uses artificial intelligence to find the best policies, you can learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Michigan without bias.

Life Insurance Companies in Michigan

With over 300 life insurance companies serving Michigan, it is downright hard to find the best rates for you and for your family. That’s important to do though because many of the smaller companies you may not know much about are those that are most likely to offer you the best rates. You need to know all of your options.


Second, you need to realize that each company sets its own parameters to determine rates. Some apply different focus and costs to one type of risk factor or another. For example, in Michigan, many married people can save money by purchasing a family life insurance plan. If you fall into the 49.8 percent of households that are married, this is something that can save you money.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Michigan


So, how do you get rates then for all of these companies? You can contact every one of them yourself and request a quote. This is likely to be expensive and time-consuming – and it involves a lot of medical exams! Instead, you can use a local insurance agent, but they don’t represent all of your options. At Pretected.com, we decided to create a tool that makes this process easy. You just need to submit your zip code and your personal information. It then brings up a list of all of your options based on your specific needs.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Michigan?

Insurance companies use a great deal of information to make decisions about the rates they charge. It’s all based on data, not any type of prejudice. Here are some key factors they look at when determining premiums.


Age is a big deal. In Michigan, the median age is 39.3, which is older than the national average of 37.4. If you want to save money on life insurance, though, and you are in the age group of 25 to 34, which accounts for 12.3 percent of the state, buy young.


Data shows that women live lives that are less risky and generally longer. As a result, most women can qualify for a slightly lower rate than men. In Michigan, 50.83 percent of the population is female.

Weight and Health Background

There’s no bigger indicator of your life expectancy than your current health. That is why life insurance companies put a lot of weight on this. If you have health risk factors, such as being overweight, or you have been diagnosed with an illness like diabetes, your costs will be higher. In Michigan, these rates are somewhat high – in 2017, 32.2 percent of adults were obese and 11 percent had a diabetes diagnosis.

Job and Profession

What you do for a living matters. In a large manufacturing state like Michigan, that’s one big concern. Other industries that are high risk here include construction, energy production, and agriculture.


Michigan lifestyles tend to be very positive, but there are some risks that can influence your costs. Motorcycle riding, off-roading, and jet skis can seem risky, but life insurance companies are also interested in things like tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, and other high-risk behaviors. In 2016, for every 100,000 deaths, 10.4 of them were the result of alcohol use and 27.2 of them were from drug use – those are high figures.

Criminal Record

Crime is high in some areas of Michigan, but for this insurance companies look at individual figures. If you have a record with violent crimes or numerous charges for such crimes, you may pay significantly more for life insurance.

Life Insurance Policy in Michigan - Compare the Best Plans

What type of life insurance is right for you? Here are some of the most common policies in the state.

Term Life Insurance

For its lower cost and coverage that generally can span times when you have dependents or a mortgage, term life insurance works well. If you die while the policy is active, your named heir receives the funds from the policy.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is just what it sounds like. There’s no term here. Instead, it lasts as long as you keep making payments on it.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is a popular option for many in Michigan who buy a policy at a young age. It builds up a cash value with the investments in it.

Family Life Insurance

As noted, family life insurance can help cut some costs associated with your purchase. Keep in mind that you can buy coverage for your whole family like this.

Group Life Insurance

A high number of employers in Michigan offer group life insurance. Some other organizations you may belong to do as well. It’s a good way to save money on a term life insurance policy.

Life Insurance for Kids

If you have children, considered life insurance. It can help to cover their costs should they die at a young age for any reason.


Life insurance doesn’t have to be complex when you use Pretected.com. Do so now. Input your zip code and some basic information. The smart matching algorithm then goes to work for you, pulling up all the options available to you in Michigan.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Life Insurance In Michigan</zipcode>