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Life Insurance in New Jersey

As time goes on, you realize you need to buy life insurance in New Jersey for your family, but finding a good, but cheap life insurance plan seems hard to do. When you compare life insurance policy options, including both whole and term life insurance, New Jersey residents are sure to find a wide range of options including many of their budget. The key is to use our smart wizard and these tips to allow you to better compare life insurance in New Jersey.

New Jersey Life Insurance Quotes

To find life insurance rates in New Jersey, you need to get customized quotes. That’s important because every company uses different factors to estimate your costs, and many of them relate to your health or your gender. New Jersey life insurance quotes need to be more thorough than the basic life insurance calculator can offer. With, you can use our smart wizard to help you to see how to get the best rates for life insurance in New Jersey with accuracy.

Life Insurance Companies in New Jersey

Most people could name a handful of life insurance companies by name in New Jersey. Yet, there are over 300 companies providing life insurance in New Jersey. You don’t know most of them because those that advertise heavily like to keep the most affordable and comprehensive providers hard to find.


Yet another problem is that every company uses different data to determine life insurance costs. Some may give you a lower rate if you are female rather than male. Other use obscure data to make decisions. For example, some in New Jersey will give a lower rate to those who are married. In New Jersey, that is about 51.3 percent of the population.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in New Jersey


How do you find all of your options? You focus on getting quotes from each of the companies in New Jersey. Most people don’t have time to request that many quotes, though. And, if you turn to a local life insurance agent, you may not have access to all providers either. Because of this frustration, was born. Enter your zip code. Answer a few quick questions. The end result is a list of all companies that fit your needs with quotes that are accurate in New Jersey.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in New Jersey?

Life insurance companies use a wide range of data points to determine what rates to charge you. In most cases, this is based on factors that relate to how long you are likely to live. If they believe you have a longer life expectancy, you get lower rates.


Obviously, the younger you are, the less likely you are to die soon. This also means lower premiums on life insurance. In New Jersey, the largest age group of people makes up 14.7 percent of the population, and it is those who are between the ages of 45 and 54. Waiting until this time though means you’ll pay much more for coverage than if you bought when you were in your 20s.


When it comes to gender makeup, 51.2 percent of New Jersey is female. Many life insurance companies offer lower rates to women because they are likely to live longer.

Weight and Health Background

Most life insurance companies also look at factors such as how healthy you are – most require medical exams, in fact. That’s because health defines life expectancy. Those with a pre-existing condition may pay more for coverage. In 2017, 11 percent of the population was diagnosed with diabetes. That can increase the costs for those individuals. And, 33 percent had hypertension with 27.2 percent being obese. These are factors that increase your risks of early death as well.

Job and Profession

There’s no doubt that many jobs in New Jersey are very safe. That includes things like banking and office work – some of the biggest jobs here. Yet, other industries here are more likely to put your life on the line such as construction, ocean-related work, farm work, and transportation.


The type of life you live plays a role. Just because you like to spend your time on the open ocean or kayaking, though, doesn’t mean you are at a higher risk. If you use tobacco, drink, or use drugs, that’s going to raise your rates. That’s because these factors play a role in your life expectancy. In 2016, research found that out of 100,000 deaths, 6.5 of them were related to alcohol use, and 23.8 were related to drug use in New Jersey.

Criminal Record

The crime rate in New Jersey can be high in many areas, and that can influence whether life insurance companies offer competitively priced policies for you. Yet, those with violent crimes on their record are likely to pay more.

Life Insurance Policy in New Jersey - Compare the Best Plans

You need to pick life insurance that fits your family’s needs. These are the most common plans in New Jersey.

Term Life Insurance

Choose a set number of years for term life insurance. It provides a payment to your beneficiary if you die within that time. Otherwise, the policy expires.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life, also known as permanent life insurance, stays around long term. As long as you make payments, it remains in play. It’s great for estate planning needs such as leaving behind money for your family or a charity.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life can be beneficial if bought early. Some policies earn cash value, which means they perform well enough to pay you a dividend.

Family Life Insurance

For those purchasing life insurance for more than one person in the family, this type of life insurance works well. It is ideal for couples who want to have one policy that covers both of their needs and stays within their budget.

Group Life Insurance

Sometimes buying group life insurance, such as through your employer, can be a good way to save money. Yet, it is term life insurance that may offer a lower payment. Increase this by buying another policy to support your family’s needs.

Life Insurance for Kids

Keep in mind that life insurance in New Jersey needs to be there in the worst times, like when a child dies. This type of policy is low-cost, but it can offer financial support at the worst time.’s tool is simple to use. Answer some questions about your needs, input your zip code, and the smart matching algorithm goes right to work. You get a full list of quotes from companies in New Jersey offering the best rates.


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