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Life Insurance in North Carolina

When it comes to buying life insurance in North Carolina, there are several key things to consider, including how to find a cheap life insurance policy. If you are unsure what type of life insurance policy is right for your needs, including whole or term life insurance North Carolina residents can do a bit of research. With the tools we offer here, you can easily compare life insurance plans in North Carolina to find the one right for your needs.

North Carolina Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance rates in North Carolina can be hard to pinpoint because so many personal factors play a role in how much you’ll pay. North Carolina life insurance quotes from each provider are the best way to get the rates you need. Life insurance calculator programs never provide very accurate information either. That’s why we developed Enter your zip code here, and we’ll provide you with all companies in your area that fit your needs with accurate quotes.

Life Insurance Companies in North Carolina

When it comes to buying life insurance, the only way to do so is to compare quotes from multiple life insurance companies. Here’s the problem, though. There are over 500 companies that offer life insurance plans in North Carolina. That is a lot of medical testing and forms to fill out.


The second problem with getting information is that every agency and insurer is different. You can’t assume that what one company charges you is going to be the same as what others will. One example that most people do not know about is being married. In North Carolina, 52.3 percent of people are married. Some life insurance companies offer a lower rate to those who are. Others do not.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in North Carolina


Knowing how hard it is to get rates, then, what steps should you take? Consider the options. You can use a life insurance agent, but most will not provide you with access to all the options in your area. You can also request quotes from each one, but again, that is a lot of work. Because of this complexity, we developed, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to produce accurate quotes from companies in your area. Enter your zip code to get started.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in North Carolina?

A big question most people have is why they have to pay what they do. Life insurance companies focus on risk. A person is more of a risk if they are likely to die within a short period of time after obtaining the policy. The better option, then, is to be as healthy and as young as possible when you buy coverage.


Age is a big factor in determining costs. If you are in the 13.7 percent of the population between the ages of 45 to 54, you’ll pay much more for life insurance. The prime time to do so – which also makes up 13.1 percent of the population in North Carolina, is 25 to 34.


If you are a part of the 51.3 percent of the population in North Carolina that is female, you’ll pay less for life insurance. That’s because women live longer lives according to data.

Weight and Health Background

Let’s think about health. If you have been diagnosed with an illness, such as the 11.4 percent of adults in North Carolina in 2017 that had diabetes, that’s going to drive up your life insurance costs. Or, you could be part of the 32.1 percent that had a high-risk factor, such as being obese.

Job and Profession

Some people work in professions that are high risk. In North Carolina, that includes those working in transportation, agriculture, energy-related work, and ocean-related work.


What types of dangerous activities do you engage in? Motorcycle riding, off-roading, and deep sea fishing could be examples. Yet, North Carolina life insurance companies also look at decisions like smoking and drug use. In 2016, for every 100,000 people that died in the state, 9.5 of them did so because of alcohol use and 20.1 died as a result of drug use.

Criminal Record

Violent crimes and reckless driving – such as DUIs, can increase your costs for life insurance, too. Your past habits are an indication of what you are likely to do in the future.

Life Insurance Policy in North Carolina - Compare the Best Plans

With so many options in life insurance, it can seem overwhelming to know what type is right for you. Here are some of the most common forms of life insurance in North Carolina.

Term Life Insurance

Consider term life insurance, the most common option. It is a policy that stays in place for a set number of years. If the policyholder dies during that time, a sum of money, called the death benefit, is paid to the beneficiary, or the person you name to receive it in the policy.

Whole Life Insurance

The biggest drawback of term life insurance is that it doesn’t last your enter life. That’s what whole life can do for you, though.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life allows you to build up a cash value within the policy. There are numerous forms, but the benefit here is that you may be able to access those funds during your lifetime.

Family Life Insurance

Many people benefit from family life insurance, a policy that keeps costs lower overall when numerous people need to purchase them within a family. Spouses benefit the most from this type of coverage.

Group Life Insurance

If you are employed by a company that offers group life insurance, it may be a good low-cost option. However, keep in mind that this type of life insurance may not offer enough coverage for your family’s needs. You can add to it, though.

Life Insurance for Kids

For kids, life insurance isn’t always necessary. However, because there is a risk of death for everyone, having a policy like this can reduce some of your costs if a tragedy does happen.


To help you get started, use’s smart matching algorithm. Enter your zip code. Answer some questions. We’ll give you a list of all companies in North Carolina that matches your needs with accurate quotes you can easily compare.


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