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Life Insurance in Oregon

As you get older, you realize that you need life insurance in Oregon, but you may be unsure what type of life insurance policy is right for you. Whether you are looking for a basic, cheap life insurance policy or you want to compare whole and term life insurance, Oregon residents will find plenty of options to choose from. Yet, at Pretected.com, we also want you to make wise decisions, which is why we have a tool that lets you compare life insurance plans in Oregon to find the best fit for your needs.

Oregon Life Insurance Quotes

Oregon life insurance quotes are the place to start. It’s not possible to find life insurance rates in Oregon that are accurate unless you get quotes or use our smart wizard. That’s because even a life insurance calculator cannot figure in your personal health, lifestyle, and all of the options in coverage. Rather, our tool gathers insight into all of your options and lets you learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Oregon.

Life Insurance Companies in Oregon

You may not know that there are hundreds of life insurance companies and policy options available to you in Oregon, yet some of those companies are going to offer rates far below what the other, standard companies offer. When you are able to know about all of the companies in your area, you can make better buying decisions.


It is worth comparing companies and policies. Some companies put a lot more weight on some factors than others, too. A handful of life insurance companies in Oregon, for example, offer better rates to those who are married because they typically can choose a bundled policy and live longer. That means 51.4 percent of the population may qualify for a lower rate through these companies in Oregon.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Oregon


You have several options for getting life insurance in Oregon. As noted, getting quotes is important, but it isn’t logical that you can get quotes from all providers. Instead, you may need to consider turning to a life insurance agent. Then, you may find out that the agent only represents a handful of life insurance providers. Pretected.com was created as a way to fill this gap. You provide your zip code and information, and we give you a list of all of the companies that meet your needs in Oregon quickly and easily.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Oregon?

Life insurance companies create risk profiles for their clients. In short, they look at your life, the things you do, and the way you live. They then determine what things you do that are a higher risk to them. They do not want to pay out on your life insurance policy, especially during the first years of your life. That’s why they charge you much more if you are more likely to have a shorter life expectancy. The things they use to make these decisions include factors such as the following.


Buy life insurance now – you are not going to qualify for a better rate at any other time in your life. For the 13.9 percent of the population between 25 and 34 years of age, buying now means access to more forms of life insurance, too.


Men tend to live shorter lives, which means they are more of a risk for early payout than women. Men make up 49.53 percent of the population here in Oregon.

Weight and Health Background

Insurers know that people who have illnesses, chronic conditions, or health risk factors such as high blood pressure or obesity are big risks factors for shorter lifespans. They charge these individuals more. That’s not good news for the 29.4 percent of adults that were obese in 2017 in Oregon or the 9.6 that had diabetes.

Job and Profession

High-risk jobs in Oregon can also increase your costs. In Oregon, the most common jobs to fall into this category include forestry, agriculture, ocean-related work, energy work, and railroads.  


In Oregon, there’s plenty of high adventure and high-risk things to do. You may love off-roading, mountain climbing, or even spending time in the ocean. You shouldn’t stop doing what you love, but it can play a role in your life insurance. In Oregon, drugs, and alcohol use are also concerns. In 2016, for example, for every 100,000 people who died, 20.3 died as a result of alcohol and 15.9 died from drug-related causes.

Criminal Record

Anyone with a violent criminal history will find life insurance is hard to obtain. In some cases, it may even be inaccessible.

Life Insurance Policy in Oregon - Compare the Best Plans

The type of life insurance you buy should always match your needs. In Oregon, these are the most common options.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a low-cost option, especially if you buy it when you are younger. It pays out a lump sum payment if you die while the term is in place.

Whole Life Insurance

You also get a lump sum payment with whole life insurance, but it doesn’t expire after a set number of years. Rather, it remains in place throughout your lifetime.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life can be short or long term, but what makes it different is that it includes a cash value. That is, if the underlying investments perform well, that increases your policy’s value.

Family Life Insurance

A family can buy life insurance together, and when they do, it can be lower costing overall. Compare your options here, especially if you are a couple looking for affordability.

Group Life Insurance

Employers, professional organizations, and some religious organizations in Oregon offer group life insurance. It’s a good option for basic coverage, but you may need to supplement it with additional plans.

Life Insurance for Kids

Children’s life insurance can be there should something tragic happen to your child. It is also a very inexpensive policy, making it worth having for peace of mind.


Pretected.com has the goal of making it possible for you to learn about all of your options, so you save money and get quality coverage. To do this, enter your zip code and answer a few questions. The smart matching tool then goes to work to provide you with all the options in Oregon that fit your needs.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Life Insurance In Oregon</zipcode>