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Life Insurance in Pennsylvania

Many people believe that they cannot afford life insurance in Pennsylvania, but cheap life insurance policies are available and should be considered by most residents. Whether you buy whole or term life insurance, Pennsylvania residents can provide financial protection to their loved ones should they die unexpectedly. You need a life insurance policy that meets all of your needs, and with our smart wizard tool and these tips, you can easily compare life insurance plans in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Life Insurance Quotes

Your first step is to realize every life insurance company uses specific data that they define to determine life insurance rates in Pennsylvania. That means you need to get Pennsylvania life insurance quotes based on your specific information to know how much life insurance costs here. There are some life insurance calculator tools available, but they lack real depth and access to options. With our smart wizard, you can get the best rates for life insurance in Pennsylvania without any frustrations.

Life Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania

Did you know there are over 400 life insurance companies in Pennsylvania? That’s a huge number of life insurance companies to contact for a quote. Yet, most people do not know half of these companies by name. That’s because some of the best don’t advertise much, making it hard for you to know what they can offer to you.


And, you need to consider them all. Some offer bigger discounts than others do. Some place more risk on factors such as age than others do. For example, some life insurance companies will give you a lower rate if you are a married couple. For 50.5 percent of households in Pennsylvania, that’s a savings opportunity not to miss.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Pennsylvania


How do you get access then to the best rates and coverage? You get quotes from each of those available companies. Contacting them is an option, but that’s a lot of phone calls to make. Some life insurance agents are pretty good about helping you, but they may not represent all agencies and providers. That’s why we developed With your zip code and some basic information, we can sort through those hundreds of companies, display all of those that fit your needs and provide you with access to all the savings options.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Pennsylvania?

Life insurance companies want to know, bluntly, if there is any risk you are going to die during the first years of your policy. The higher that risk is, the more they will charge you for life insurance. These factors are important in Pennsylvania


Age is a big deal, but in Pennsylvania, the median age is 40.4, which is well above the national average of 37.4. That means your rates may be higher. However, if you are a part of the 12.9 percent of the Pennsylvania population that is between the ages of 25 and 34, now is the time to get into a whole or term life policy. It will cost much less.


It may not seem fair, but data shows women live longer. That’s good news for insurance companies. And, for the 51.06 percent of the Pennsylvania population that is female, it can mean lower rates, too.

Weight and Health Background

There’s no bigger concern to insurers than people who have pre-existing health conditions or risk factors for developing them. In Pennsylvania, that’s a concern. In 2017, 31.6 percent of the adult population was obese, and 10.6 had been diagnosed with diabetes.

Job and Profession

Those who work in high-risk jobs are going to pay more for life insurance. In Pennsylvania, some of the most common industries that fall into this category include firefighting, police work, agriculture, and manufacturing.


Many people in Pennsylvania live very safe lives, but there are some concerns about lifestyle choices. Do you ride a motorcycle? Perhaps you spend a lot of your time skydiving. These are high-risk activities your agent wants to know about. Yet, more common are uses of alcohol and drugs. In 2016, 37.2 of every 100,000 deaths were related to drug use, and 7.3 were related to alcohol use.

Criminal Record

Having a criminal record in Pennsylvania can make it hard to obtain life insurance. This is very true for those with violent crimes on their record or reckless driving charges such as DUIs.

Life Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania - Compare the Best Plans

The wide range of life insurance policies in Pennsylvania gives you options. Consider these factors.

Term Life Insurance

Even if you are older in Pennsylvania, you may qualify for a term life insurance policy. It offers basic coverage for a set number of years, paying a death benefit if you die while the policy is in place.

Whole Life Insurance

This type of policy, which is sometimes called permanent life insurance in Pennsylvania, is also going to pay out that sum of money, but it doesn’t expire. There’s no term.

Universal Life Insurance

If you are younger and want to make money during your lifetime, consider a universal life insurance policy. It builds up a cash value – some people even use that to help build their retirement income.

Family Life Insurance

Some insurance companies offer family life insurance, which is a plan that can span more than one person. It keeps costs down and can offer coverage should someone within the family die.

Group Life Insurance

Go with group life insurance if it is available, but know that most of the time, these policies offer only basic coverage. You can couple it with other plans like those listed above.

Life Insurance for Kids

Buying life insurance for children isn’t a requirement because they are not wage earners, but should something tragic happen, you want to have funding to pay for their needs. That’s where life insurance can help out.


To use, simply add your zip code and basic information. It features a smart matching tool, which pulls quotes from all the Pennsylvania companies that fit your needs and lets you find the most affordable options. Use to find good quality information at your fingertips.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Life Insurance In Pennsylvania</zipcode>