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Life Insurance in Rhode Island

There is a lot to think about when you are buying life insurance in Rhode Island including how to get the best life insurance policy to cover your family’s needs. Is cheap life insurance an option, you may wonder, or whether whole or term life insurance in Rhode Island is best for you. To help you make better decisions, we created this tool and insight to allow you to easily compare life insurance plans in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Life Insurance Quotes

There’s no simple way to get a basic idea of what it costs to buy life insurance because every person’s rate is specific to their lifestyle and health. Life insurance rates in Rhode Island can be competitively priced, but even a basic life insurance calculator cannot provide information that you need to make a decision. That is where getting Rhode Island life insurance quotes comes into play. With our smart wizard, we can help you get custom, accurate quotes without the struggle and teach you how to get the best rates for life insurance in Rhode Island.

Life Insurance Companies in Rhode Island

First, consider which companies are available to you. With over 40 life insurance companies in Rhode Island, it’s hard to name them all. Most of the companies you may not even recognize. Yet, some of them are offering the best rates in the state with policies that offer comprehensive coverage.


Another misconception is that rates from one company to the next are the same. That’s simply not the case. Some put more emphasis on some risk factors than others. For example, some companies see being married as a way to reduce your risk and to live a longer life. For the 46.4 percent of households in Rhode Island that have married couples, that means lower costs.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Rhode Island


Spending the next few days getting quotes for life insurance from each company seems ridiculous, though. You can use a life insurance agent, but they do not represent all companies in the state either. Your best option, then, is to use our smart wizard that cuts out all the risk. You enter your specific information (nothing too personal here) and your zip code. Pretected.com then provides a full list of companies that match your needs.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Rhode Island?

There are many factors that play a role in determining how much you will pay for life insurance. Generally speaking, life insurance companies need to guess how long you are going to live. They do not want to provide policies to those who are likely to die very soon, but they also need to charge a premium that allows the company to be profitable. That’s why the use factors like these to determine your life expectancy.


The younger you are, the lower the premium for you will be on life insurance. In Rhode Island, 14.1 percent of the population is between 45 and 54. If you wait until this time to buy life insurance, it will be very expensive. However, 13.3 percent of the population is younger and between 25 and 34 years of age. This is the ideal time to get a low cost but comprehensive life insurance policy.


Being female can also help you get lower rates. That’s good news for the 51.47 percent of the Rhode Island population. It’s lower generally because women live longer lives, but also because they typically live less risky lives.

Weight and Health Background

One of the reasons life insurance companies require a formal medical exam is because there is no better predictor of your life expectancy than this. In 2017, 30 percent of adults were considered obese and 8.9 percent of them had diabetes. Having this type of health can make it hard to get a lower costing policy.

Job and Profession

Some people work in high-risk jobs. That can play a role in costs, too. Ocean work, transportation, and manufacturing are big concerns here.


The types of things you do play a role, too. In Rhode Island, you may spend a lot of time on the ocean or you may like to ride your motorcycle through the hills. These actions shouldn’t be stopped, but they can influence your costs because of their risk. Alcohol and drugs, though, are the biggest factors. In 2016, for example, for every 100,000 people who died, 14 did so as a result of alcohol and 31.2 did so as a result of drug use. These are very high figures overall.

Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can also impact not just your costs but your ability to qualify for life insurance. If you have a violent history or DUI charges, some companies will deny access to policies.

Life Insurance Policy in Rhode Island - Compare the Best Plans

Don’t limit the options you have in the types of life insurance available to you in Rhode Island either. Most people can choose between several options including these.

Term Life Insurance

If you are older and want coverage for just a set number of years, term life insurance works well. It can help your family pay off the mortgage or meet their financial needs for several years if you die during the policy.

Whole Life Insurance

A whole life insurance policy is a bit different. It doesn’t have an expiration, which means it works very well for estate planning after your death.

Universal Life Insurance

In Rhode Island, many people are very focused on building retirement income. That’s one way that universal life insurance can help you. It covers your death should it occur, but also can build up a cash value that you can access later in life.

Family Life Insurance

Spouses may find it redundant to each have a life insurance policy – but with a family life insurance policy that’s less necessary.

Group Life Insurance

Most larger employers in Rhode Island provide group life insurance, as do some professional organizations, credit unions, and other associations. It can be a good way to get a basic life insurance policy if you have preexisting conditions.

Life Insurance for Kids

Insuring children makes sense. Should something happen to your child, the financial stress can be hard to overcome, but life insurance for children can minimize that.


To get started, enter your zip code and some basic information to our questions here. Pretected.com then uses a smart matching algorithm to find all the companies in Rhode Island that fit your needs. That includes the lowest costing policies.


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