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Life Insurance in South Carolina

When the thought comes to mind, you know that buying life insurance in South Carolina is one of the best ways you can protect your family from the unknown, but is it possible to find cheap life insurance? It can be especially in this area where a life insurance policy, including term life insurance in South Carolina, can be very accessible. Yet, you need help, which is why we created this tool and these resources to help you compare life insurance plans in South Carolina.

South Carolina Life Insurance Quotes

Keep in mind that life insurance rates in South Carolina can range widely, based on many factors. It is not possible to provide a specific average cost for life insurance, and most life insurance calculator tools cannot help either. South Carolina life insurance quotes are the only way to get this information accurately. At, we created a tool that lets you learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in South Carolina without the difficulty. You just need to add your zip code to get started.

Life Insurance Companies in South Carolina

Many factors matter here. First, did you know there are over 225 life insurance companies in South Carolina? Most people have no idea they have so many options, and that’s the way the large companies want it. That way, you don’t know about all the lower costing options out there.


Second, life insurance companies in South Carolina are not all the same. They weigh data about health and lifestyle differently, which is why their rates are so vastly different. For example, in South Carolina, the median age is 38.3, higher than the national average of 37.4. All companies consider age a big factor. Yet only some will factor in the lower risk associated with marriage. If you are part of the 50.9 percent of households with married spouses, that can help you save money.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in South Carolina


To get all the access to the best policies, you can’t follow traditional methods. Getting quotes from hundreds of life insurance companies isn’t practical – and yet there’s no other way to compare them all on your own. You can’t trust a life insurance agent to present every company either. That’s why we developed It uses artificial intelligence to determine which companies offer policies that fit your needs and shows you all of them with a few simple clicks. All you need to do is to enter your zip code and basic information here to get started.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in South Carolina?

Many factors are used to determine how much you will pay for life insurance. Insurance companies base this on data and research, on previous claims that they’ve received. Here’s a look at some key factors.


We already mentioned the median age in South Carolina is higher than the national average. However, 13 percent of the population is between the ages of 25 and 34. This is the ideal time to buy life insurance in South Carolina because it will cost the least amount. The sooner you buy, the lower you’ll pay.


There’s also a gender factor to consider. In South Carolina, 51.43 percent of the population is female. Since women typically live longer lives, they often qualify for lower costing policies.

Weight and Health Background

Your health makes a big difference because it plays such an important role in determining your life expectancy. In South Carolina, that’s a concern. In 2017, 34.1 percent of the population was considered obese, and 13.4 percent had a diabetes diagnosis – both high risks for early deaths.

Job and Profession

The work you do may be important, but if it is a high-risk profession, you are likely going to pay more for life insurance as a result. In South Carolina, many jobs are very safe, such as tourism and office work. Yet, there are some high-risk professions here, such as transportation, ocean-related work, energy production, and manufacturing.


What things do you do that are life-threatening or a higher risk? You could go deep sea diving or spend a lot of time on the racetrack. In South Carolina, there is also the risk associated with drug and alcohol use. In 2016, for every 100,000 deaths, 18.7 of them were related to drug use, and 11.5 were related to alcohol use.

Criminal Record

Anyone with a criminal record is living a dangerous lifestyle, and insurance companies know it. They will check your criminal record and charge you more if you have a violent criminal history.

Life Insurance Policy in South Carolina - Compare the Best Plans

The type of life insurance you buy plays a role, too. The most common policies in South Carolina include the following.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the least expensive option and available to most people in South Carolina. Your family will receive a payment if you die during the coverage period.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life erases that term aspect of life insurance. It is an excellent choice for those who want to leave behind money for their family.

Universal Life Insurance

You may also want to consider universal life, especially if you are younger. A portion of each of your payments goes into an investment fund which builds value over time. That can help you to see dividends during your lifetime.

Family Life Insurance

A family life insurance policy is a good option for those who want a lower costing policy that covers multiple people within your home. It is a good option for many spouses who have very specific needs and a limited budget.

Group Life Insurance

Employers are the most common group to offer this type of insurance. It bundles a group of people’s purchase of life insurance together, helping to reduce some of the risk to the insurer. Your rates are lower, but the amount of death benefit can be limited.

Life Insurance for Kids

Some families want to have life insurance in place for their child under the age of 18. This just-in-case coverage can meet your needs financially if something horrible happens to your child. can give you access to all of your options in South Carolina. Input your zip code and some basic details about your needs here. The smart matching tool then goes to work to find all policies in South Carolina that fit your goals – and includes even those lower-priced policies.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Life Insurance In South Carolina</zipcode>