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Life Insurance in Utah

It’s time to think about buying life insurance in Utah and you are unsure how to find a life insurance policy that gives your family financial security after your death, but that is also a cheap life insurance policy that you can afford to pay into over the next years. Whole and term life insurance in Utah are options, as well as several others, but it is important to gather quotes to find the best rates for your needs. You can learn how to compare life insurance plans in Utah using the following set of steps and tips.

Utah Life Insurance Quotes

The biggest problem with getting Utah life insurance quotes is that every person is going to have a very different figure. That is because insurance companies look at everything about you to create a risk profile. Life insurance rates in Utah are very much centered around this profile. You can use a life insurance calculator for basic information, but it is not likely that it will be accurate. Instead, learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Utah using our smart wizard. More on how to do that in just a minute.

Life Insurance Companies in Utah

Before you get quotes, first learn a bit more about life insurance companies in Utah. First, there are only about 10 companies in the area, though this varies based on your location. If you pull up a quote from one company, don’t assume it will be the same as all the others. Every company provides costs at a different level based on numerous factors.


For most life insurance companies in Utah, it is all about defining risk. Anything about you that shows you are a low risk is going to help you to save money. In Utah, 58 percent of the population is married -the highest in the country. That’s a good thing because married couples tend to pay less for life insurance.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Utah


Now that you have some basic insight, you can work on getting quotes on life insurance. You can contact each company and formally request a quote, but that’s a lot of medical testing to go through. Instead, you may want to turn to a life insurance agent, but they are not required to provide you with information about all the providers in your area. With our smart wizard at Pretected.com, we make it easy. You enter some information about yourself and your zip code into our tool. It then brings up every life insurance company’s rates based on your personal information.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Utah?

Life insurance companies use a wide range of details and data to determine life insurance premiums – or the amount they charge. If a person has factors that make it more likely they will have an early death, that can increase costs. Here are some key factors they look at, then.


The largest population group in Utah makes up 14.9 percent. It is those between the ages of 25 and 34. This is the perfect time to buy life insurance, including whole life and universal life. That’s because the younger you are, the less you will pay.


Women tend to pay a bit less because they live longer than men. That’s not good news for the 50.32 percent of the Utah population that is male.

Weight and Health Background

Still, health matters the most in terms of costs. That is why life insurance companies often require a full medical workup to determine risk. If you have been diagnosed with a condition or you have high-risk health factors, that will raise your costs. In 2017, 25.2 percent of the adults in Utah were obese, and 7.1 percent had a diagnosis of diabetes. Those figures are lower than the national average.

Job and Profession

Most jobs in Utah are considered safe and low risk, and therefore, don’t impact your life insurance costs. However, some are high risk, including those related to mining, agriculture, and transportation.


What type of things do you like to do? If you like to climb mountains or ride in a motorcycle, you are likely to pay more for life insurance. Consider, too, that life insurance costs are higher for those who use tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. In 2016, the death index in the state for drug use was 22.5 people out of every 100,000, and alcohol-related deaths accounted for 9.1 per 100,000.

Criminal Record

Anyone with a criminal record is likely to pay more for life insurance. However, in Utah, you may not qualify for a life insurance policy if you have a history of violent crimes. Even some moving violations, such as driving under the influence, can apply here.

Life Insurance Policy in Utah - Compare the Best Plans

Your next consideration needs to be the type of life insurance right for your needs. Here are some of the most common options.

Term Life Insurance

For many men and women, term life insurance is ideal. It provides a set dollar amount of money paid to your named beneficiary if you die during that time period. It doesn’t apply after that.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance goes further. It provides a payment to your beneficiary but long term, which means you can use it for estate planning as well.

Universal Life Insurance

In Utah, having a retirement income is important. One way to do that with your life insurance is with universal life. It earns a cash value over time, building value as the investments within it do well.

Family Life Insurance

Are you a married couple hoping to find life insurance that is available? Consider a family life insurance plan. It works as a single policy but provides coverage for multiple people, reducing your costs.

Group Life Insurance

Yet another option for lowering costs is group life insurance. With it, you get a lower cost because you are buying a policy alongside other people. As a result, there is less risk to the insurer and costs drop. Professional associations, employers, and some religious organizations in Utah offer these.

Life Insurance for Kids

It’s not uncommon to buy life insurance for children. While you may never need to use it, it can help cover end of life costs for children who die while the policy is in place.


To get started, enter your zip code and some basic information into our smart wizard now. Then, it will produce a list of companies available in Utah, and that includes all the policies that apply to you. Many will be lower costing than average quotes. Get started now.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Life Insurance In Utah</zipcode>