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Life Insurance in Washington

Buying life insurance in Washington can seem like a frustrating process, especially if you are trying to find cheap life insurance that fits your needs. For those who need term life insurance, Washington insurance companies offer a wide range of life insurance policies that can meet most needs. Yet, it is up to you to compare life insurance plans in Washington to find the most affordable and effective option for your needs. Here’s some help doing that.

Washington Life Insurance Quotes

One of the most common problems people have today is not believing they can afford life insurance. Yet, that may be because you don’t know what life insurance rates in Washington really are. Washington life insurance quotes are by far the most important way for you to compare policies. Although you can use a life insurance calculator to get some basic rate information, it’s not common for you to get accurate results without quotes. However, when you use our smart wizard, we can help you learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Washington and keep those rates affordable.

Life Insurance Companies in Washington

There are over 225 life insurance companies in Washington. Yet, when you go to get a quote, you may only receive a handful of offers. Why is that? Most life insurance companies don’t advertise and may not be readily available through traditional methods. Yet, some of these companies offer some highly competitive rates that are very affordable.


It is up to you to compare rates across numerous life insurance companies in Washington. For example, some life insurance companies offer lower rates to married couples. In Washington, 52.5 percent of residents are married. Others don’t offer that, but it could help you to save money if it applies to you.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Washington


How can you get the best rates, then? That’s where the challenge comes in. There are several ways for you to get lower life insurance costs. You could, for example, do some research and get quotes from each of those 200 companies. That would take a lot of time. Instead, you could call a life insurance agent, but they may not be able to get you access to some insurers especially the lowest costing policies.  With our smart matching algorithm, all you have to do is to enter some basic information and your zip code. Our tool does the work of bringing you quotes from all companies that fit your needs. It’s fast and easy to use.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Washington?

Getting the best life insurance rates in Washington starts with knowing what each of your options is. It also helps to know how life insurance companies determine rates. In Washington, these are the factors insurers use.


To determine risk, life insurance companies want to know how likely it is you will die within the first years of the policy. Age is a big factor. In Washington, 14.6 percent of the population is between the ages of 25 and 34. That’s the ideal time to buy life insurance to get the best rates.


Gender matters because data shows men live shorter lives than women. They also tend to engage in riskier lifestyles. In Washington, 50.06 percent of the population is female, which means many may qualify for a lower rate.

Weight and Health Background

Health is a large factor in determining your mortality risk. That’s why you’ll need to complete medical testing before getting your life insurance policy in Washington. On a state basis, Washington’s health is fairly good compared to the national average. In 2017, 27.7 percent of adults in the state were considered obese, and 9.1 percent had a diabetes diagnosis.

Job and Profession

Some jobs are dangerous, and the chances of injury or death are high. That can raise your rates if you work in those professionals. In Washington, some of the riskiest industries include agriculture, ocean-related work, and transportation.


Lifestyle factors can vary from one life insurance company to the next. However, some things remain the same across the board. If you use tobacco, that will increase your risk. If you ride motorcycles that can, too. Also, drug and alcohol risks are key. In 2016, for every 100,000 deaths in Washington, 14 of them were related to alcohol use, and 16.6 were related to drug use. Those rates are lower than the national average.

Criminal Record

While crime rates in Washington are about average, anyone with a criminal record is likely to have to spend more to buy life insurance. Violent crimes, in particular, will increase your costs.

Life Insurance Policy in Washington- Compare the Best Plans

The type of life insurance you buy also needs to be considered when obtaining quotes from life insurance companies in Washington. Here are some of the most popular plans here.

Term Life Insurance

A term life insurance policy is the most common option. It remains in place for a set number of years, usually no more than 30. If a person dies during that time, a payment, called a death benefit, is sent to the person named as the beneficiary.

Whole Life Insurance

Many people buying life insurance at a young age in Washington should consider a whole life insurance policy. Your rates are likely to be very low, and this policy will remain in place throughout your life.

Universal Life Insurance

Another key benefit to buying young is that you can obtain a universal life insurance policy. It also remains in place long term, but it has an investment component. This can help you pay for retirement as well.

Family Life Insurance

When choosing a life insurance policy for more than one person in your family, a family life insurance plan may work well. It may cost you less to buy it.

Group Life Insurance

Buying a group life insurance policy can help you to get a policy if you are at a high risk and do not qualify otherwise. Employers and professional organizations typically offer these lower-valued policies.

Life Insurance for Kids

Many families buy life insurance for children. This is a type of term policy. It typically is a low-risk investment, but if there is a need to use it, it can be very important to you to have access to.


With so much information, you need help finding the life insurance right for you in Washington. Pretected.com has developed a proprietary tool that gathers your zip code and some basic information. It then produces all the available quotes from agencies in Washington, giving you access to even the hard-to-find, low cost policies. Use it now.


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