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Life Insurance in West Virginia

When buying life insurance in West Virginia, look at the various types of policies available and the cost, but don’t assume you don’t qualify for cheap life insurance. In fact, the life insurance policy that’s right for you should be one with competitive rates and features, even if you are buying term life insurance in West Virginia. To help you, we’ve designed a tool and some insight to allow you to compare life insurance plans in West Virginia with ease to ensure you get what you need at the best cost.

West Virginia Life Insurance Quotes

There are many types of life insurance policies available in West Virginia, and each person needs to obtain his or her own West Virginia life insurance quotes to learn the cost of a policy. That’s because life insurance companies range widely in pricing their plans. Life insurance rates in West Virginia are less about where you live and more about your lifestyle and health. You can use a basic life insurance calculator to gain some insight, but to learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in West Virginia, we suggest you use our smart wizard.

Life Insurance Companies in West Virginia

With over 300 different life insurance companies and policies in West Virginia, you have a lot of work to do to get the right rates for your needs. Life insurance companies do not always showcase their best rates, and they don’t expect you to get quotes from many companies. That’s why it is so hard to find the lowest price on the coverage you need.


They also provide limited information to you about what factors impact your rates. This makes it harder for you to know what to anticipate. For example, did you know that 52.1 percent of the people in West Virginia are married? And, being married makes you a lower risk to life insurance companies, helping to keep your rates a bit lower.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in West Virginia


So how can you get the best rates? You need to compare options among all of those providers. You can research each one of them, and spend a great deal of your time requesting quotes. Or, you can turn to a local life insurance agent, but they may not provide you with the best rates or even access to all providers. That’s why we suggest using our smart matching tool. With your zip code and some basic information, we can give you a list of companies offering the most competitive rates with policies that met your needs.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in West Virginia?

Rates for life insurance are based on data collected over the years. Life insurance companies gather this data based on what impacts a person’s lifespan. Factors that may cause you to die early may increase your costs for coverage. Here’s some insight into what West Virginia life insurance companies use.


Age is perhaps one of the biggest factors. In West Virginia, 13.4 percent of the population is between the ages of 45 and 54, which tends to be a much more expensive time to buy life insurance than purchasing it when you are younger. Instead, if you are in the 11.8 percent of people between the ages of 25 and 34, make that purchase now.


Gender does matter. Data shows that men typically have a shorter lifespan for various reasons. In West Virginia, 50.59 percent of the population is female, meaning these people may qualify for a lower rate.

Weight and Health Background

Medical tests are nearly always a requirement because this is one of the biggest factors impacting your costs. In West Virginia, 38.1 percent of adults in 2017 were considered obese, and 15.2 percent had diabetes. These figures are very high compared to national rates and could mean you’ll pay more for life insurance if you fall within these areas.

Job and Profession

Mining and transportation are some of the largest industries in West Virginia. These are also higher risk jobs. As a result, if you work in one of them or another high-risk position, you are likely to pay more for life insurance.


Residents of West Virginia love to live life to the fullest, but those that engage in high-risk behavior are likely to spend a bit more money on life insurance. A key factor is drug and alcohol use, for example. In 2016, out of every 100,000 deaths, 12.7 people died in an alcohol-related manner, and 49.8 died in relation to drug use. These rates are significantly higher than the average for the U.S.

Criminal Record

West Virginia’s criminal records are another factor companies use. If you have a criminal record with violent crimes, you may find getting life insurance hard to do.

Life Insurance Policy in West Virginia - Compare the Best Plans

It’s important to know you have plenty of options in life insurance in West Virginia. Some of the most popular forms include the following.

Term Life Insurance

A term life insurance policy stays in place for a certain number of years and, if the policyholder dies while it is inactive, it pays a set dollar amount to a beneficiary. It’s the least expensive form of life insurance for most people.

Whole Life Insurance

If you are younger, consider buying whole life insurance. It remains in place as long as you keep making payments and offers your family the same type of payment.

Universal Life Insurance

For those with a desire to build out their portfolio, universal life insurance can be one route to use to do so. It builds up a cash value, in some forms, allowing you to see its value grow faster and even allowing you to borrow from it during your lifetime.

Family Life Insurance

Family life insurance is a term used to describe policies purchased by more than one person together. This can help to reduce costs and gives you some control over who will receive a payment when one person dies.

Group Life Insurance

Many people in West Virginia have access to group life insurance. It’s available from employers, professional associations, religious organizations, and others. If you don’t qualify for life insurance for health factors, you may still be able to get a policy through a group policy.

Life Insurance for Kids

Insuring children is an option for many people as it can defray some of the costs to that child should something happen to them while the policy is in place.


To determine your best rates and coverage options, input your zip code, and some basic information into this tool. Pretected.com then goes to work for you to pull up all the options in West Virginia that fit your needs, allowing you to compare policies easily using our smart matching tool.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Life Insurance In West Virginia</zipcode>